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Inst Novelist

$61.25 for English speaking writer







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Who is Insta Novelist?

Yikes, this is quite a generic website for starters! We’d almost go as far as saying the first impression is that it’s a front. For example, it looks like a site so basic that maybe all it’s doing is leading customers to one of their “real” essay writing services. This might not be the case, but come on! If they can’t put a little effort into their website when they’re in the paper writing business…just sayin’.

There is no “About” section (of course) but check out the paragraph above. It’s in the FAQ section on Insta Novelist’s site. Spelling and grammatical errors, and just funky wording that NO native English-speaking writer would say. It’s very obvious this is a foreign essay service.

How Much is a Paper?

That’s a sky-high price per page for a simple paper with one source! If you choose a Premium writer, the price jumps substantially. Why would you choose a Premium writer, then? Well, for starters, you kind of have to because they say it’s the only way you’ll get a native English-speaking writer.

Please, never ever pay that much per page! That is highway robbery! You can get a decent paper for less than half of that, and we’re talking about from an American writer. Don’t settle! This is your academic career.

Best & Worst Findings

~Best: N/A (Sorry, but there is just nothing good here in our professional opinion)

~Worst: $61.25 per page to get a native English-speaking writer (and who says you actually will get one with that inflated price?)

Have you ever seen an American business word it this way? Neither have we!

Our Final Thoughts:

This essay writing service has the exact same ordering form (along with other eerily similar features) as many, many other foreign essay companies. They look to all be the same outfit, just operating under different names.

There’s no way to build trust because they have errors all over their site, no “About Us” to get to know them as a company, and prices that are so offensive all you want to do is go take a shower.

There are so many better essay writing services out there who care about their customers, offer fair prices, and allow you to pick your own writer.

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