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Bright Writers Review

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Who is Bright Writers?

Bright Writers (who go by say they offer college papers starting at $10 per page. We’re not sure what project or deadline you’d need to have in order to meet that pricing criteria, but it seems very low.

$10 a page for a well-written paper sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Bright Writers doesn’t have an “About Us” page, but they do have this:

While there is no “About Us” page at Bright Writers, they do tell you a little bit here.

Bright Writers does a good job at disguising their location. That right there would be reason enough to doubt they’re in the US. Usually, American companies are proud, especially if it’s an essay service since students prefer American or Canadian essays.

But we can’t help notice that the crazy-low prices are a good reason to doubt that Bright Writers is an American essay service. No American writer could live on such a low wage, because, remember, if an essay is $10 per page, the writer might get half of that.

How Much is a Paper?

Well, we aren’t sure how you get the $10 per-page rate, but we filled out a prompt for a very basic (easy) 1-page book report due in 2 days, and here’s what got.

Bright Writers costs $12 per page with 2 days’ notice.

Online Reviews:

There are very few reviews online for Bright Writers. Trustpilot has none, and Sitejabber has 22 (at the time of this review). Either Bright Writers is a very new company, or they don’t have much business. has no reviews for Bright Writers. shows 22 reviews for Bright Writers.

We find it really annoying when essay writing services (or any other type of business) create fake reviews. Sure, we can’t prove these are fake, but come on! Look at everything else you’re seeing about this company (including no reviews on Trustpilot and then all glowing reviews on Sitejabber) and tell us if you think something smells fishy.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Easy-to-use website
  2. Offer all of the basic services
  3. Low prices


  1. Seems highly likely Bright Writers is foreign
  2. Lack of online reviews
  3. Disguises their whereabouts

Final Thoughts:

As always, we have a tough time recommending foreign essay writing services. We can’t prove the location of Bright Writers, but they definitely seem like they’re operating from a foreign country. And why not disclose your location, anyway?

Also, and we have a lot of experience talking to professional writers and reviewing essay services, American writers cannot afford such low wages. Therefore, it’s highly unlikely that Bright Writers is American or employs native English speaking writers.

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