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$23+ per page with 2 days' notice








  • Reasonable prices
  • Wide array of services


  • Deceptive about location
  • Too many add-on features (more money)
  • Force customers to give too much personal information, and too soon

Paramount Essays Review

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Who is Paramount Essays?

We looked at the “About Us” page to learn more about who is behind the mask at Paramount Essays. It’s pretty standard information, so we didn’t glean much info.

Taken from the “About Us” section on Paramount Essays.

As for their location, on the “Contact Us” page, it shows a UK country code for the phone number.

In the “Contact Us” section, we see that the phone number is a UK country code.

We asked a chat agent where the company is located and here’s what he said.

Ross said the company is in Albany, NY but they have a UK phone number.

It’s always frustrating when an essay writing service won’t just tell you the truth about their location. It makes you suspicious of anything they say moving forward.

How Much is a Paper?

Price Calculator at Paramount Essays
You cannot get a promo code without providing a phone number and checking boxes to receive text messages.
No promo code

If you look at the images above, you can see a few things. First, you can’t provide a false email to get a more accurate price on a paper. You know, sometimes you want to be really sure about price before continuing on…But you can’t with Paramount Essays because apparently they mail a secret promo code to you. Now why would they make it so top secret when mostly every other essay service would list it on their website?

Our thought is that they really want your email address, whether you buy or not. Do they want it for spam? To sell? To pester you to come back and order? We aren’t sure, but you can’t do anything without providing it.

Next, notice that even after we gave an email, that still wasn’t enough to unlock the code. We were asked to provide a phone number and ALSO check the box agreeing to texts!

That is a crazy request for Paramount Essays to expect a brand-new customer to give all that personal information so soon, and to be willing to get texts.

As with so many essay services, you will pay more for upgraded writers.

So many essay writing services expect you to pay more for “better” writers on their team. Shouldn’t ALL of the writers be great quality? To ask you to pay over $14 per page for a “Premium” writer is kind of crazy.

Online Reviews:

It’s always suspicious when a company (any type of business) has only perfect reviews. Obviously, there’s a chance they happen to be a stellar company that can do no wrong. But that’s not likely. reviews for Paramount Essays reviews for Paramount Essays

This isn’t a lot of reviews, but you can look them over on Sitejabber and Trustpilot and see what you think. We always suggest you take reviews with a grain of salt, as they can be fake or even a ploy by a competitor to smear another essay service.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Reasonable rates
  2. Wide array of services


  1. Company is deceptive about real location
  2. Cannot get a true quote without providing a LOT of info (email, phone, agreeing to texts)
  3. Not enough reviews (and they’re all a little to perfect to seem real)

Final Thoughts:

When an essay writing service won’t be direct with us about their location, it’s a big red flag. Paramount Essays claims to be in Albany, NY on the chat. But when pressed, they’ll admit to the US, UK, and Canada as locations. That doesn’t really make sense to us.

They have a lot of add-ons for “higher quality” writers. Who says you’ll get a better writer for the extra fee? There’s no proof of the writers’ experience or degree, so you have no idea if your extra money will get your a better paper.

There aren’t many online reviews, but the ones we found were all glowing (4 and 5 stars). That’s fine if they’re real. It’s hard to say, but when any company (in any industry) has NO bad reviews, it’s just reason to take a step back and examine things. Because people talk, dude. Whether they’re thrilled or angry with their results, they talk. So, to only have outstanding reviews (and not many of them for being in business supposedly 7 years) it just means you should take a closer look.

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