Nerdyify Honest Review (










  • A lot of online reviews
  • Been around a while


  • Foreign (Cyprus)
  • Can't communicate at all with the company without giving your personal phone number first

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Who is Nerdify?

Above was taken from the “About Us” section of the website. It’s not overly personal so we still can’t say who is running the business or connect in any way.

Now, let’s see where they’re from… is based in Cyprus. That’s not the least bit surprising since almost every online essay writing service we review seems to be in Cyprus. For all we know, they’re mostly all under the same umbrella. It’s nearly impossible to say since they’re so careful to protect their identities.

How Much is a Paper?

This is the hard part because the only way to know is to provide a cell phone number. This is really unusual. Nerdify is one of the only online essay writing services that conducts business entirely through text.

We didn’t want to provide a personal cell number so that’s why we couldn’t get y’all a quote. That sucks, right? It sure does. Nerdify doesn’t make things easy. A lot of people are sort of tire kicking and just want a basic quote to see if they can afford a paper. Those same people might not feel comfortable providing a phone number, for fear they’ll be harrassed.

Best & Worst Findings:


~A lot of reviews and an overall high rating on Trustpilot


~Can’t get a quick estimate or any idea of pricing unless you give your personal phone number

Final Thoughts:

Nerdify has a lot of online reviews, so they’re likely a legit essay writing service. However, it feels wrong to make customers give personal information like a cell phone number to get a basic quote.

They’re located in Cyprus so it’s almost a given that they utilize foreign writers.

If you use them, maybe start with a 1-2 page paper and see how it goes. However, proceed with caution since we were not able to connect personally with anyone. Nerdify doesn’t even have a chat option without coughing up that cell phone number. That made it extra hard for us to review them.

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