Killer Papers Honest Review (Updated 2023)

Killer Papers

$27.50 for 3-4 days' notice





Ease of ordering


English-speaking writers


Strong online presence



  • Native English-Speaking Writers and Admin
  • Easy Ordering Process
  • Exceptionally High-Quality Writing


  • Not a Ton of Online Reviews
  • Priced Slightly Higher Than Some

Killer Papers is our #1 choice for best essay writing service!

Where are they located (are the writers native English speakers?)

Killer Papers is based in Canada. Check out image below taken from their “About” page.

Killer Papers “About” page

Interestingly, Killer Papers is the only essay service that seems to be legitimately run by a real guy, not some mysterious team of writers cloaked in secrecy.

Check out these screen grabs taken from the “About Us” section:

We found this section to be pretty interesting. You can see what Killer Papers offers comparted to the competition (and we agree with their findings based on our own research).

And the writers…?

Killer Papers uses English-speaking writers exclusively.

What about pricing?

At $27 or so per page, Killer Papers is not the cheapest place in town. It is not the Costco of writing services, so to speak. If you’re looking for the lowest prices for your paper, look elsewhere. But a word of caution: the lowest prices are absolutely linked to a foreign essay writing service. Americans and Canadians won’t work for low rates (because their cost of living is so much higher than places like India). One other side note about pricing: When other sites advertise something like $9 per page, it is often a ploy to grab your attention. But the further into the ordering process you go, the more you’ll see the hidden fees. In the end, their prices end up being about the same as Killer Papers and all of the other services out there.

Killer Papers pricing based on 3-4 days’ notice.

What do you get for the higher price?

Killer Papers has a bidding system where students will receive up to 3 bids on a project. The student is able to speak to the writers who bid, asking them questions and getting any clarification before ordering. This isn’t something we’ve really seen with other companies where you have to pay and then they pick the writer for you.

The ordering process:

If you have a question, there is a chat feature. You can give info for them to reach you, and they say that’ll happen within an hour, typically.

We ordered a paper and were pleasantly surprised that the process really was as easy as they claimed it would be. The paper was completed by a writer named Marie, and was turned in by our requested deadline, followed the instructions we requested, and was an overall very good final product.

Online Reviews

Online reviews are big. Sure, a lot of companies pay for false reviews, so I always take them with a grain of salt, no matter what company I’m checking out. It’s easiest to disregard the terrible ones (sour grapes) and the fantastic ones (paid for? friends? who knows!). So let’s take a look at a mix of reviews from to see what the general consensus is on

Here is Sitejabber’s summary of Killer Papers:

A word on customer service:

Something else that impressed us was that when we had questions, aside from talking directly to our writer, we were able to talk to a real person through an admin email provided to customers. Normally, it’s like pulling teeth to get a human, an English-speaking human, to answer you in real time on essay-writing sites. But with Killer Papers, an admin got back to us quickly. He/she didn’t say what their name was, but in the end we didn’t care. They answered our questions and helped us out without us having to wait forever.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Killer Papers seems like the real deal, people. It appears that a young guy started the company himself and hires only American and Canadian writers.
  2. They’ve been around for several years. According to their killerpapersinstagram they’ve been in business since 2016 with hilarious memes to prove it.
  3. You will get to talk to your writer before you order…and YOU pick your writer yourself!
  4. Pricing is higher than some, but not outlandish. Plus, the quality reflects it. NO foreign writers.
  5. Despite some digging, we couldn’t seem to find any blatent lies or inconsistencies anywhere on the site or through my communication with my writer and the admin assistant.


  1. No chat system (but you can talk to writers and admin before ordering).
  2. Not the cheapest service out there if you’re broke.
  3. Would like to see more reviews (although there are plenty on their Instagram if you scroll through any of the posts…we’re talking thousands of comments).

Final thoughts:

Our job is to dissect essay-writing services to separate the wheat from the chaff for you. I couldn’t find anything truly heinous about Killer Papers. Sure, I’d like to see who the real “KP” is, but I guess we can understand why he stays anonymous. No companies show photographs of who runs it for obvious reasons. Otherwise, they have an Instagram following with nearly 150k followers, an impressive blog to help people with everything from finances, writing, and relationships, to self-improvement, and excellent customer service. They utilize American and Canadian writers, have a good refund policy that seems fair, and are an all-around standout in the essay-writing services industry.

Killer Papers is our top-pick for online essay-writing services. Check them out at

What Other Review Sites Have to Say About Killer Papers: gives a 9.1/10 review. lists Killer Papers as their best-rated and most highly recommended essay writing service.

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