Unemployed Professors






Ease of Ordering



  • Fun and helpful website
  • US-based company
  • Easy ordering process


  • Priced slightly higher than most
  • Requires email to get estimate
  • Upselling features

Unemployed Professors Review

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unemployedprofessors.com homepage

Who is Behind Unemployed Professors?

Through an amusing cartoon, we learn that Unemployed Professors appears to be a real guy that needed work, and therefore started a service to help busy students. Here’s a little snippet, but you should go to https://unemployedprofessors.com/AboutUs.aspx and read the rest.

A quick domain search shows that they’re located in the US, which is so rare in our research. Most online essay writing services are in foreign countries. So far, so good! By the way, let’s take a look at who writes the papers (according to the FAQ).

Unemployed Professors who are the writers?

Throughout the site, we see that they like employing humor. That’s always a good thing, as long as they can also turn in awesomely written papers! Let’s see what the reviews have to say before we move on to pricing.

No reviews on sitejabber.com for Unemployed Professors
trustpilot.com reviews are mixed for Unemployed Professors.

Although it’s surprising that Unemployed Professors has no reviews on Sitejabber, we found it to be a good thing, actually, that they have some mixed reviews on Trustpilot. When a company gets all 5-star and 1-star reviews, that usually signals the real customers hate them and the perfect reviews are purchased by the company themselves. So, Trustpilot does have mixed reviews, but that probably means they’re real. Plus, over 80% are 5-star reviews.

Now on to Pricing:

To get a price quote, you need to register. That is the first thing we saw that we didn’t like. most essay writing services let you have a general idea what your project would cost before asking you to give out personal information.

Once you register (provide an email, create a username and password), this block comes up.

Unemployed Professors Project Form

We filled out the form and asked for a 2-page book report with a 2 days’ notice deadline. At the bottom of the page, this came up about adding things on to our project.

This came across as blatent upselling to us and here’s why. Shouldn’t ALL customers be treated like a VIP? Also, why should we have to pay an additional $18 to be guaranteed our paper isn’t plagairized? Not cool in our professional opinion since grammarly.com tells you which areas of a paper are considered plagairized.

Next, we submitted the project (and skipped the add-ons) and here’s the message we got:

Within 30-60 seconds, we got this:

It almost seemed automated because that many writers could not have read the prompt and thought about their pricing that quickly. Our guess is there is some sort of auto-bidding in play here. No big deal if that’s the case. All bids were the same: $50 or $25 per page. This is right in line with what we’d expect a North American essay writing service to charge.

Pros and Cons:


  1. US-based essay writing service
  2. Amusing, fun website
  3. Easy ordering process


  1. Priced a little higher than most essay writing services
  2. Require an email address to get even a general idea of pricing
  3. Additional fees required for simple things like a plagairism guarantee

Final Thoughts:

Despite Unemployed Professors being a little bit higher than the competition, they look like a solid essay writing service. Their site is fun. They’re well-established. The ordering process is easy. Best of all, they’re a North American company, so you’ll very likely get a native English-speaking writer. They don’t have as many reviews as we’d like to see, but otherwise we can safely recommend Unemployed Professors. Give them a try!

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