Papers Luck

Just under $29 per page if due in 2 days








  • Friendly chat agents
  • Decent amount of online reviews


  • Foreign essay service
  • Prices are in Australian dollars
  • Many grammatical errors all over website

Papers Luck Review

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Who is Papers Luck?

Although there is no “About Us” section on Papers Luck’s site, there is an “Our Team” page that looks something like this…

Taken from the “Our Team” section on Papers Luck website

It’s highly unlikely that these are real writers’ names for a couple of reasons. First, if Papers Luck is using foreign writers, they aren’t going to have traditional American names. Second, the realm of essay writing is highly secretive since it’s not exactly condoned in the academic world. Most writers wish to remain anonymous.

But this gives you an idea of what’s on the “Our Team” page, anyway. It’s fairly vague.

Now, where is Papers Luck located? This is also vague, as the site doesn’t come out and tell us where the service is based. The country code on the company phone number is an Australian country code.

The telephone number on Papers Luck is an Australian phone number.

The domain is registered in Iceland, as so many domains on essay writing services are these days.

The domain for Papers Luck is in Iceland.

We decided to ask a chat agent where the company is located, in hopes they’d shed some light on the question.

The chat agent at Papers Luck says the company is located in Sydney.

The chat agent told us the company is located in Sydney. That may or may not be true because the domain is registered in Iceland. We really can’t tell you more than that. So, it’s definitely not in the US or Canada, but MAY be in an English-speaking country?

How Much is a Paper?

Papers Luck price calculator.

The above prices are in Australian dollars (AUD). Translated to American dollars, the price is $28.48 per page for a college paper with a 2-day deadline. That’s a little higher than the standard $25 per page, but not outrageous.

Online Reviews:

We checked Trustpilot and Sitejabber for reviews on Papers Luck. We found mostly good reviews, with a few bad ones mixed in, which is typical. reviews for Papers Luck. reviews for Papers Luck.

Below is a negative review that the customer actually wrote on both Sitejabber and Trustpilot. He must have been pretty upset because he posted both places.

A negative review posted by an angry customer showed up on Sitejabber and Trustpilot.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Friendly chat agent
  2. Although outside of the US and Canada (in Australia) they are still coming from an English-speaking country
  3. A decent amount of reviews


  1. Foreign essay service (possibly Australia)
  2. Prices are in Australian dollars (AUD) and not readily translated to USD
  3. Spelling and grammatical errors all throughout website

Final Thoughts:

The thing is, Papers Luck claims to be in Australia, and they might be, but we aren’t sure of that. Here’s why we’re skeptical. First, their domain is registered in Iceland. Second, the wording on their web content doesn’t sound like a native English speaking writer.

Their prices aren’t bad (although they’re higher than some) at just under $29 per page for a college paper due in 2 days. If they are actually in Australia and use English-speaking writers, then Papers Luck isn’t as big a risk as an essay service in India would be, for example. The only problem is, judging from their web content, we just can’t tell you for sure where they’re actually located.

If you want to give them a try, start with a 1-page paper and see what you get back. The only other big red flag we saw is that the chat conversation looked eerily similar to so many other chats with other foreign essay writing services that are most definitely NOT in Australia. Like we said, try a small paper and see what you get back. If you do, let us know and we’ll update this review!

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