Kiwi Papers Honest Review

Kiwi Papers









  • Legit service
  • Online reviews


  • Foreign
  • Too hard to get a price
  • Bots instead of people
  • Poor refund policy

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Who is Kiwi Papers?

Kiwi Papers doesn’t have an “About Us” page, which makes it really challenging to give you any info on who they are, what they stand for, why they got into the business, who their writers are (and where they’re from) etc.

The essay writing service seems to be located in Bulgaria, but we can’t say for sure. These foreign essay services take painstakingly difficult measures to disguise the fact that they’re, well, foreign! Why? Well, they know you’re American (or Canadian or from the UK or some English-speaking country) and that you want a paper written by someone whose first language is English. If they admit they’re in Russia or Iceland or India, you’ll turn and run! To keep you from doing that, they skirt the obvious question of who they are.

You can probably rest assured they don’t use American (or native English-speaking) writers. Beyond that, does it really matter who they are?

How Much is a Paper?

Instead of there being a price calculator (like almost every other essay writing service out there) you have to “talk” to a chat bot named Amy.

Once you answer a bunch of questions, you get this:

It’s kind of ridiculous. If you just want a quick price on a paper to make sure it is in line with your budget, you aren’t going to have any success here. Literally NO way to get a basic price before creating an account and doing all this inane stuff.

Best & Worst Findings:

~Best: The company is legit from what we can gather

~Worst: Bad reputation for not giving refunds (even when deserved)

*Plus, let’s face it: It shouldn’t take opening an account and almost 10 minutes of your time to get a simple starting off price! No one else puts you through that. They have price calculators!

Final Thoughts:

Foreign writers? Poor refund policy? Ridiculous process to get a price? Bots instead of humans to interact with? Nah, we can’t recommend these guys in good conscience.

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