Grades Fixer

$18-$30 per page with 2 days' notice








  • Admit to being located outside the US
  • A price for every budget
  • Friendly chat agents


  • Foreign company (Bulgaria or Germany)
  • Too many add-on features to jack up the price
  • You have to give too much personal info to get a quote

Grades Fixer Review

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Who is Grades Fixer?

Grades Fixer, huh? Not Grade Fixer, which would make a little more sense from an English language standpoint. But, let’s move on and find out who they are, shall we?

They don’t have an “About Us” section, but they do have this:

Grades Fixer doesn’t have an “About Us” but they give a little info about themselves here.

As for where the company is located, we happened to get an essay writing service that is being honest about being outside of the US! That’s so rare!

The chat agent at Grades Fixer is honest about being located in another country.

Now, we’re glad James was honest. However, this is where you have to ask yourself if you’re OK with an essay writing service that’s being run out of Bulgaria (first language there is Bulgarian). If your answer is no, then we would suppose Grades Fixer isn’t the essay company for you.

How Much is a Paper?

We were able to get a few quotes right away, but of course not before providing an email address. That always irks us because sometimes students don’t want to do all of that just to get a quick price on a paper.

The prices below are for a 1-page book report due in 2 days. As you can see, they vary greatly.

We got 3 quotes immediately after filling out the prompt.
Grades Fixer has multiple levels of writers, which all cost you more than a basic writer.
Platinum writers cost you 20% more than a basic writer.

Look below, where Grades Fixer wants to charge you $10 more to choose your writer for you! That’s kind of crazy!

During the ordering process, Grades Fixer offers to pick your writer for you for $10.00.

Online Reviews:

We found some reviews on Trustpilot and Sitejabber for Grades Fixer. It’s so hard to say whether reviews are real or fake, but go check them out and see what you think. reviews for Grades Fixer. reviews for Grades Fixer.

The main complaints seem to involve poor-quality writing and miscommunication. This could definitely be due to the company being in Bulgaria.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Honest about being located outside of the US (Bulgaria)
  2. Friendly chat agents
  3. A price to fit any budget


  1. Foreign company (with likely foreign writers)
  2. Some of the reviews seem fake (although we can’t prove it)
  3. You have to give too much personal info to get a quote

Final Thoughts:

When it comes to foreign essay writing companies, we almost never endorse them. In the case of Grades Fixer, we might make an exception. Here’s why: First, they do have more reviews than a lot of other essay services. Second, they admit their location…we think. Their domain is registered in Germany and they say they’re in Bulgaria. That’s a little confusing, but they at least admit to being outside the states.

Their prices are reasonable. Reviews are decent. If you want to give them a try, perhaps start with something small and see how you like it. There are probably better essay services out there, and certainly North American ones to boot. However, as far as the foreign ones are concerned, Grades Fixer could do a lot worse.

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