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  • Foreign
  • Sky-high prices
  • Low review score

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Who is Expert Writing?

Expert Writing is a foreign essay writing service who uses foreign writers to do your projects. They don’t have an About Us section, so there is no way to go too into detail on who is running the show at Expert Writing. You can just know that they are in a foreign country and not Americans.

In the Contact section, they list a Wisconsin address, but this is a common ploy to mislead potential customers by making them think the company is American. It’s not.

How Much is a Paper?

Nearly $40 per page? That’s really high compared to the average $27 per page! Why would Expert Writing charge so much? Is the quality really that much better than all the other essay writing services out there?

The price jumps to nearly $60 per page if you want a Premium Writer, which if you hover over the word “Premium” you’ll see that it says these writers are from an English-speaking country. Seriously?

Best & Worst Findings:

There is no best. To charge almost $60 per page with 2 days’ notice for a writer who lives in an English-speaking country is obscene.

Final Thoughts:

Foreign. No about us section to help you understand what the company is all about. Sky-high prices. Low review score (and hardly any reviews online at all!). Yeah, Expert Writing is going to be a no for us. There are just way better essay services out there, guys.

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