Genius Help Honest Review

Genius Help









  • Priced right
  • Easy to use website


  • Foreign
  • No reviews
  • No social (who are they??)

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Who is Genius Help?

What is evident almost immediately, is that Genius Help is a foreign essay writing service with no socials, no reviews on trusted sites like, and no ability to speak with a real person before ordering.

How Much is a Paper?

Their site says high school papers are $10 a page, but we all know those prices don’t exist…can’t exist in today’s economy. So, let’s move through the steps of ordering and put in a 2-day notice paper on any topic. We’ll keep it simple and see what price comes up.

So, it’s over $25 per page for a simple high school paper due in 2 days. That’s not even a terrible price, so why lie about it and say it’ll be $10? Does anyone…like, literally anyone on the planet, like going into a relationship (business or personal) based on a lie? NO! Just tell the truth, Genius Help! Don’t promote $10 papers if it’s really over $25!

Best & Worst Findings

~Best: We hate to say “nothing,” but I’m struggling to come up with anything good about this essay service. We guess we’ll say that the website is uncomplicate?? Sorry, but like we said, we’re struggling here…

~Worst: Another foreign essay service with no reviews, no human interaction, and writers who crank out papers but probably don’t have a firm grasp on the English language

Our Final Thoughts

Genius Help is jumping on the essay writing service bandwagon, but has no reviews, baits customers in with falsely cheap prices (that end up being at least standard, if not above), and uses foreign writers. The truth is, after doing a good bit of research, we couldn’t really learn much about them, which isn’t a good sign.

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