About Us

Who is the Shadow Professor?

I am an English major at one of the top-tier colleges in the US, who, unfortunately, was burned a couple of times when I hired online essay writing services to help me in a pinch. After losing some money, getting back a “D” paper, and just about losing my mind, I decided to start a review site to help others (and myself) find reputable essay writing services online.

What I do

I create honest reviews that delve into important questions like, “Where are the writers from?” and “What is the real cost per page for a well-written paper?” I’ve found that most online essay services are based in foreign countries, but try hard to make you believe they’re from the United States (or English-speaking countries). The problem with foreign writing services is that they simply struggle to write English papers believably because of the shorthand that exists in our language.

My goal is to save you the wasted time, money, and headaches I’ve experienced along my journey with online writing services. Through the reviews, you’ll get insight into which companies are credible and which ones are full of empty promises and grammatical errors!

Thanks for visiting the site! Contact me if you have any questions or requests for future reviews!

Why Listen to My Opinion, Anyway?

Good question! To provide you with a completely fair and honest review, I approach each essay writing service objectively. I go through their website page by page, researching where they’re from, what their “real” prices are, whether you get to choose your own writer, and more! If there is a chat agent, I ask the questions you would ask as a would-be customer. I gauge how easy the website is to navigate. Then, I painstakingly go through online reviews at such sites as sitejabber.com and trustpilot.com to see what previous customers had to say about the service. My research takes hours to conduct. After I’ve gathered all the necessary information, I write up the blog post and publish it for readers like you!


“I dodged a bullet by staying away from an essay service that somehow found my email and reached out to me. I was two steps from paying for my project, but thought I better read some reviews. You warned me about Malware with the site and thank God I didn’t go with them!”

~Sydney F.

“Dude, you used my Trustpilot review on here lol! Glad to see you agree with what I said about those guys!”

Ryan P.

“I love how you call out the chat agents when they say something hilarious! Keep these reviews coming, I’m only a freshman in college so I need to know stuff like this.”

Deven W.