Where can I find honest reviews for essay writing services?

You can look on sites like shadowprofessor.com, for detailed reviews of online essay writing services like Killer Papers, Essay Pro, Unemployed Professors, and many, many more. Additionally, you can check sites like trustpilot.com and sitejabber.com. Although some reviews are paid for and some are just to falsely smear the competition, seeing a decent amount of reviews for an essay service can provide helpful information.

Is it unethical to hire a service to write my paper?

Most reputable services will not write your paper from scratch (although some openly admit they do on their sites!), but rather take your rough draft and edit it to read better. Plaigiarism is strongly discouraged in the world of online essay writing services, so in general, look at these writers as tutors, helping you maximize your work.

How can I be sure I’m getting a good writer?

Ask a lot of questions! Before you pay for anything, check online reviews, talk to a customer service agent (whether it’s through chat or an administrative assistant) and be sure you feel safe ordering through that company. Remember, there are plenty to pick from so be particular! By the time you pay, you should trust the service to handle your order.

Does it matter where my essay writer is located?

Yes, very much! When you hire a foreign writer, their first language is not English. Professors and teachers can easily distinguish a paper written by someone from a non-native English-speaking country. It is critical to look for proof of location when considering an essay writing service. Many claim to be in the US or Canada, but are actually in India, Bulgaria, Japan, and other foreign countries.

Should I get the cheapest option when it comes to essays?

We’ve all heard the saying, “You get what you pay for.” In the realm of essay writing services, that rings true…usually! Sometimes a company just has a lot of hidden fees and is price gouging, but in most cases a paper priced a few dollars higher than the competition means it’s a North American based company. American and Canadian writers need more to live on than someone in India. So, when you see rock-bottom prices, be aware that it’s highly likely it’s a foreign company.

Which essay writing services are the best?

That all depends on what you’re looking for, but in general, look for a company that is patient to answer your questions, has a reasonable rate, and employs English-speaking writers (get proof!). Also, when looking up online reviews, examine them closely to see if they appear “paid for.” Most legitimate companies have a mix of both good and fair reviews, not all glowing 5-star reviews.

Do essay writing services write the paper from scratch?

To keep in line with academic guidelines, students can have their own work edited. Also, they can get online tutoring. When it comes to someone other than yourself writing the paper from scratch, that is strictly prohibited.

Do I have to pay upfront or after I receive my paper?

Most sites will ask that you pay upfront. Some of them will require a deposit upfront and the rest upon completion. Ask the service you want to use for the specifics.

Why should I listen to your opinion?

I am an English major at a college I guarantee you’ve heard of, and I know what to look for in a writing service. I also spend hours each week researching online essay writing services, tallying their pros and cons, chatting with customer service agents, comparing sites to each other, and so on. Ultimately, you should do some homework on your own, but you can rest assured my reviews are unbiased.

Are you located in the US?

Yes, I am. My first language is English, too.