Academcore Honest Review


$31+ with 2 days' notice








  • Friendly chat agent
  • Wide array of services


  • Foreign
  • Higher priced than standard
  • Deceptive answers on chat

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Who is Academcore?

Academcore is an online essay writing service that claims to use American, native English-speaking writers, all holding high degrees. There is nothing to back up this claim, and no proof of how many writers they employ, or what their real eductation is.

They claim to be in business “over 7 years” but if that’s true then where are their reviews?

Wait, they show that they’ve got an impressive Trustpilot rating on their website…Check it out below!

And they also claim to have a great rating…

All lies, we’re afraid. All lies. There are NO reviews on or as of September 2023 for Academcore. How are we supposed to trust Academcore when they’re lying right to our faces?

How Much is a Paper?

Look below in “Final Thoughts” to see how our conversation with “Kevin” went regarding picking a writer. Interesting stuff.

However, as you can see above, a paper is just under $31 per page for a Premium writer, which is what Kevin suggesed we pick. Now, you can’t pick the writer yourself, as is the case with many online essay writing services (although not all of them!) but with 2 days’ notice, you’ll shell out almost $31 per page.

Best & Worst Findings:


~Friendly (albeit pushy) chat agent

~Though higher than the standard, their prices aren’t insulting



~High likelihood you’ll get a foreign writer

Final Thoughts:

Check out our chat conversation with “Kevin” regarding what type of writer we need to choose during ordering to ensure we get a native English-speaking writer. He tells us to choose Premium, which is the highest-priced writer available, but quickly follows with “all our writers are native speakers.” Hm…

The bottom line is, you’re dealing with a foreign essay writing service who employs foreign writers but claims they don’t. Not cool.

Their prices are a few bucks higher than standard, but if you got a great paper it wouldn’t matter, we suppose. However, you’re probably going to get a foreign writer so that means you won’t get a better quality paper than all Academcore’s competitors.

There are American and Canadian essay writing services out there. You can talk to an American customer service rep, pick your own writer, and develop a sense of trust because these essay services are honest. We recommend picking one of these as your top choice.

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