My Super Geek Honest Review

My Super Geek

$45 per page








  • There are none!


  • Aggressive chat agents
  • High prices
  • Foreign

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Who is My Super Geek Paper?

I tried asking where the company is located in the chat and “Hal” the chat agent immediately ended the chat and blocked me from chatting further. Who does this? NOT an American or Canadian…or any legitimate company!

You ARE allowed to ask an essay service where they’re from! How completely ridiculous is it to block me for asking that question????

So, since they wouldn’t tell us where they’re from, we will assume that, like so many other essay writing services, they’re FOREIGN. Cyprus, India, Bulgaria…pick one. What’s the difference? They’re all foreign, and do not speak English as a first language.

UPDATE: There is an 888 number to call, and as it was gnawing at me, I called to complain about being blocked for asking a simple question. I got a foreign agent and she admitted the essay service is in Cyprus. Now, Hal, was that so hard????

How Much is a Paper?

You have to provide an email *BS* to get a quote. When you do, you immediately get innundated with offers from fake-looking writers with American names (despite the phone agent admitting they’re foreign) with titles such as “Professor” and “Doctor.”

Don’t you hate a lie? I sure do! Anyway, whatever. The price is about $36-$45 per page, which is just crazy. Too high. You should be able to get a decent paper (written by an American) for about $27 per page. Don’t pay more when you don’t have to!


Honestly, My Super Geek is such a crappy company that I hate to waste your time and mine reviewing them. But, we’ve come this far, right?

They have very few reviews on sites like Sitejabber and Trustpilot. What they do have isn’t good, guys. Check it out for yourself.

Best & Worst Findings:

I can’t say any “best” findings. It was all abominable. Turn and run, don’t walk!

Foreign, prone to blocking you from chat if you ask a simple question like “Where are you from?” and the list goes on. High prices, very aggressive chat agents, just yuck!

Final Thoughts:

I’ll keep it really short and direct. No, man. Just no.

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