Nearly $51 per page with 2 days' notice








  • Plenty of online reviews


  • Foreign essay writing service
  • Highest prices we've seen at almost $51 per page
  • You can't pick your writer

Paper Help Review

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Who is doesn’t have an “About Us” section because they don’t really care for you to get to know them. They just want to sell papers.

Some essay writing services have no intention of letting you get to know them on any level. You are merely a number to them. You’re just money, more or less. Others, are more likely to open up and build a relationship with you, which is nice. Rare, but nice., from what we can gather, is run by foreigners, utilizes foreign writers, and is so impersonal that they have “male” and “female” by generic avatars, rather than human names. is so impersonal that they have “male” and “female” next to generic avatars rather than names. No description of their skills or anything to make us believe these are even real people.

How Much is a Paper? charges over $50 PER PAGE with 2 days’ notice! charges almost $51 per page with 2 days’ notice! That is sooo high, guys! Just to put it in perspective, the average cost for a 1-page paper with 2 days’ notice is $27.00. That’s almost double that charges. You’ll see we selected “TOP Writer” but only because if you look closely, you HAVE to pick that one if you want a native English-speaking writer.

You work hard for your money. Even if your mom or dad is paying for your paper, isn’t it fair to assume they work hard for that money, too? So, why would you be gouged by paying almost double the standard price? That is uncalled for, and, in our opinion, out of line pricing!

But, let’s see what kind of reviews gets to see if their crazy prices are at least backed up with killer reviews…

Online Reviews: has a lot of reviews (more than most essay writing services) but be careful because some of the negative ones are kind of scary. bans from using their site (in fairness, they ban most essay writing services).

All in all, has a lot of reviews on Sitejabber that you can review. Some are good, hundreds are NOT. You can read them and decide for yourself.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Plenty of online reviews (be careful though because some companies buy reviews)


  1. Foreign essay writing service (foreign writers)
  2. Some of the highest prices we’ve ever seen at almost $51 per page!
  3. You can’t pick your writer OR talk to a writer before you pay (place an order)

Final Thoughts:

A foreign essay writing service that makes you pay almost $51 per page with 2 days’ notice?? Nope. How about the fact that they are completely disguised, as in no one can figure out who is running the show. Even the writers have ID numbers instead of names, generic “male” and “female” avatars instead of pictures, and reviews accusing the company of uses writers that don’t understand English!

We can’t recommend this essay writing service at all. If they change things, we can reassess. Otherwise, be skeptical when you see popping up on “Best essay writing services” lists because they are FAR from the best. Who is writing those reviews, anyway??

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