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  • Wide array of services
  • The company is well-established


  • Foreign writers
  • Very difficult to get a real price before ordering
  • Poor communication with writers
  • No refunds

Kiwi Papers Review

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The question a prospective customer wants to know right out of the gates with any essay-writing service is, “Are these guys legit?” Well, follow along with us as we do some good old-fashioned legwork to see whether or not Kiwi Papers is a wise choice for your next project.

How are their prices?

Heck if we know! All that we can tell you is that a robot (AI) named “Amy” began rapidly spouting off messages that we had a hard time keeping up with, when all we really wanted was an idea of a price for a 2-page paper. Sheesh! Let’s look at how the conversation went.

We were unable to lock down a price because we couldn’t go any further without opening an account. All we wanted was to talk to a human (don’t we all these days?) but that was, sadly, not the case with Let’s assume that if we had requested multiple sources, a “works cited” page, a 2-day deadline (there were only options for 1 or 3, and beyond), and any other details, that the price would surely not have stayed at $9.99 per page. It would have been closer to $25 per page is our guess. That’s not a crazy price, either. It’s just that when a company suggests $9.99, it’s always a bit of shell-shock to see the real prices later.

Are the writers native English speakers?

In a word: no. In three words: not even close. The company seems to be located in Bulgaria. Do you know what the primary language is in Bulgaria? Don’t worry, none of us do! Why would we? Well, we looked into it for you. The native language in Bulgaria is Bulgarian. We think most of us want English to be the primary language of our writer, correct? If not, then disregard this part and go for it with Kiwi Papers!

Kiwi Papers Reviews

Let’s take a look at a well-known review site: Trustpilot. Here is a sampling of reviews. We are showing the breakdown first, and then showing a couple of negative reviews to illustrate where the weaknesses may lie within the company. There are good reviews, too, obviously. Are they real? Well, people do pay for reviews. That is a fact of modern life, especially with online businesses. They don’t all do it, but when reviews are terrible or outstanding (with nothing in between) it raises red flags. Just keep that in mind.

Kiwi Papers review summary and ranking on
Kiwi Papers review that shows a possible breakdown in communication between a non-English speaking writer and his/her student.
Kiwi Papers negative review showing that even with multiple revisions, the writer could not comprehend the English-language spoken instructions.

Kiwi Papers Available Services:

Kiwi Papers offers the standard list of services that most of their competition also makes available to students. The question, then, lies not in whether they offer enough services, but how solid is the finished product. If they utilize non-native English speakers (writers) then please tread lightly. As indicated in the above reviews (and there were many more listed online) there appears to be some significant language barriers. This can result in poor grades, frustration, and pleas to get a refund later.

Kiwi Papers list of services.

Pros & Cons:

Pro: Prices are probably in line with other essay-writing services when it’s said and done.

Con: Impossible to get a real price without creating an account and taking up a lot of time first.

Pro: There are a fair amount of reviews (mixed) online, meaning the company is real, and has been around long enough to garner the reviews in the first place.

Con: Foreign writers.

Con: Good luck if you need a refund. Not gonna happen, folks! See below.

Kiwi Papers does not appear to offer refunds once you’ve paid.

Bottom Line:

While there are some good reviews on sites like and Trustpilot, there are many poor reviews that all say the same thing: communication is terrible with at least some of the writers (not sure how many). It’s great if a company offers countless revisions, but if the writer is foreign then it doesn’t matter how many times you try to explain things. You’ll just keep getting bad work back.

There are a lot of better companies out there. For starters, you should be able to expect an English-speaking writer and a really good idea of pricing before you have to fill out 7 minutes or more of information. You should also ALWAYS be able to talk to a person. This robot stuff is pure nonsense. Whatever is becoming of the world, we should always be able to speak on a human level. Try harder, Kiwi Papers! Try harder for all our sakes.

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