Help Study (.pro)

$20 per page








  • Low prices
  • No bad reviews


  • Foreign company
  • Bait and switch prices
  • Pushy chat agents
  • Need to provide email to do the most basic task on the site

Help Honest Review

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Where is Help based?

They say in the “Contact” section (which they call “Contacts” *red flag with improper English here) that they’re in Florida. However, when we looked into where the domain is registered, it’s Iceland! Crazy, right? Here’s what we found.

Help claims to be from Kissimmee, Florida…

Help claims to be from Florida.

But when you look at where the domain is registered, it tells a much different story…

I tried talking to the chat agent, “Zoe,” but she would not give me a straight answer on where they are located. In fact, all she kept doing was diverting back to trying to get me to talk about ordering.

Help chat agent will not directly answer my question.

This went back and forth with long pauses and me needing to send “Hello?” a few times to get a response. Finally, she relented (somewhat) and said they have writers from all over the world, including Iceland. I guess that’s as much as Zoe wanted to admit. Moving on…


A key way to spot a foreign service is their rock-bottom pricing. Americans and Canadians can’t live on such low wages. Usually, though, you can detect foreign essay writing services through a number of other key signs as well. But as for pricing, notice the low, low rates first. Also notice that whether you give 2 weeks’ notice or 2 days’ the price is very similar. This is unusual because normally if a customer gives a long deadline, that changes the price significantly.

Low prices indicate a foreign essay writing service.

How it Works

On the chat, as well as in trying to gauge “real” prices, it is critical to provide an email, apparently. Without doing so, you will not be able to access accurate pricing or speak to someone. After providing an email, I was able to create an order. Here’s how that went.

After you plug in project details, this comes up…

Screen showing what happens at Help when you create an order (before paying).

Then this message comes up…

Immediately after, (as in one second later) bids roll in and flood your screen. I got at least half a dozen. None of them were as low as promised. Hannah offered $40. That’s $20 per page (still much less than industry standards) which is a lot more than the $11 per page that is promised on the website’s homepage.

What are People Saying About Help Online?

Trustpilot gives them a decent rating, but there are only 3 reviews.

trustpilot shows 3 reviews for Help

Sitejabber had this to say…

sitejabber shows only one review for Help

With a lack of online reviews, perhaps the company is brand-new. We can’t fault them for that. Let’s ask a chat agent how long they’ve been in business.

No American or Canadian (or anyone with the proper use of English) would say, “We work more than 3 years.” We would word it differently, period. Anyway, three years in business should translate to more reviews, don’t you think?

Pros & Cons:


  1. Low prices (not as low as first promised, but still lower than most)
  2. No bad reviews (but not many reviews at all)


  1. Yet another foreign company trying to tell customers they’re located in North America
  2. Very pushy chat agents
  3. Bait and switch pricing (promises of $11 per page, but bids reflect up to $20 per page)

Final Thoughts:

The company might give you back an “OK” paper. It’s really hard to say because of the broken English with the chat agents, the fact that the company is in Iceland, and the admissions of writers being from all over the world (by the chat agent). The good news is, you wouldn’t be out a lot of money if things went south. Overall, you could try them but the truth is, they haven’t been in business long. It’s anyone’s guess how they perform at this point. There are other guys out there to try, ones that have established reputations. Our suggestion? Try one of those!

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