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Just under $23 per page with 2 days' notice








  • Easy to use website
  • Offer all of the basic services


  • Foreign essay service
  • Blocked by Malware Bytes on one of our computers
  • Reviews seem suspicious

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Who is Viva Essays?

Viva Essays doesn’t have a very detailed “About Us” section. We’ll show you what they have listed below. Before you take the time to read further, though, we can tell you right now that Viva Essays is not located in the US or Canada.

A clip from the Viva Essays website “About Us” section
Viva Essays claims to employ writers with advanced degrees only.
We certainly can’t prove it, but this looks totally fake (as in we seriously doubt Viva Essays has a brick and mortar in London).

Viva Essays claims to have a brick and mortar (physical office) in London. We can’t prove their location, but let’s just say we highly doubt this is true. Notice there is only one review, too.

Viva Essays was blocked by Malware Bytes when we tried to search it from one of our computers. On our other computer, it came up without being blocked. Hmm. We’ve never had an essay service blocked on our Malware Bytes, so that was interesting and suspicious at the same time.

How Much is a Paper?

Ever hear the saying, “If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is?” Well, can you believe degree-holding writers would work for such a low rate?

When you click on “Place Order” in the image above, you are immediately taken to this screen.

This screen is the same as dozens and dozens of other foreign essay writing services’ ordering process.

We should note that not only is it highly annoying when an essay service makes you fill out all of this information for a basic estimate, but also this is the same screen that pops up on dozens and dozens of other foreign essay writing services’ ordering pages. Why does that matter? Because Viva Essays is most definitely operating under multiple other names. So, if you get a bad grade or have a terrible experience with another essay service, you might inadvertently get that company again when you order with Viva Essays.

This is the price per page at Viva Essays with 2 days’ notice.

It looks like it’s just under $23 per page for a college paper due in 2 days. That sounds great, if and only if you get a paper written by a native English speaker, which…spoiler alert: You won’t. Not at Viva Essays, anyway.

Online Reviews: reviews for Viva Essays reviews for Viva Essays

Pros & Cons:


  1. Easy to use website
  2. Offer all of the basic services


  1. Foreign essay service
  2. Blocked by Malware Bytes on at least one of our computers
  3. Reviews seem fake

Final Thoughts:

Listen, the bottom line is that these foreign essay services are quick to take students’ money, but often return projects late, and written in a way that screams “foreign writer” to your professor.

It’s risky to hire a foreign essay writing service. Your academic career is on the line.

The reviews are few, but glowing (typical of foreign essay services) who put just enough on there to make you think they’re legit. But when Malware Bytes blocked one of our computers from accessing Viva Essays, that was a huge red flag. The last thing any of us wants is to be hacked.

Try elsewhere, because this company is nowhere near up to the standards you’re looking for.

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