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University Writing Review

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Who is University Writing

The company claims to be in Georgia. They also say they’re 11 years into business, founded in 2011. However, we couldn’t find ANY online reviews. We checked Sitejabber and Trustpilot and they had nothing.

Wait till you see the prices, too! The highest we’ve ever encountered in all of our research and reviews.

We don’t know if they’re really an American company or not, but at this point it doesn’t matter because at $52 per page, who would use them anyway??

How Much is a Paper?

price calculator
This is nuts! Over $51 per page with 2 days’ notice??

This is astronomical! We’ve never heard of an essay writing service charge almost $52 per page for an admission’s essay, even with only 2 days’ notice. That is simply price gouging, and we could never endorse pricing like that.

You’ll notice the prompt says “graduate.” This is because, for admission’s essays, you can’t check a box for “bachelor” or anything similar. Not sure why, but we had to go with the options provided. Either way, these are insane prices! Nothing could justify them. We’re doing a University Writing review because of things like this!

Chat Feature is a Joke:

The chat feature really isn’t a chat, so to speak. You’ll be bombarded with questions after trying to start the chat. Eventually, University Writing 911 will send you a related video, trying to show you the answer to your question.

When you still want to talk to someone, they make you provide an email. Then, they say to ask the question and someone will get back to you. We waited quite some time, but no one ever got back to us. Maybe they were going to email at some point.

But…that’s not chatting, is it?

Some of the dropdown boxes don’t even work!

price and discounts page
If you click on “Prices & Discounts” look what happens (see image below).
After clicking on “Prices & Discounts” this is what happened.

Online Reviews:

On the “About Us” video, University Writing claims to have started in business in 2011. So, where are the online reviews? review page has no reviews for University Writing 911. review page has no reviews for University Writing 911.

Pros & Cons:


We can’t, in good conscience, come up with anything worth of being put in the “Pro” category. If that changes, we’ll update this review.


  1. No online reviews
  2. You can’t pick your own writer
  3. A blog that is really atrocious (post after post of jibberish)

Final Thoughts:

You can probably guess that we’re going to give this essay writing service two thumbs down! Seriously, scroll around on their site and you’ll agree that this company is either a front or just way off-base with what students want and need regarding an essay service.

They don’t even have the proper dropdown boxes for certain categories like “Admissions Essay.” You have to pick “Graduate” because they don’t offer “Bachelor.” Their blog posts (not all of them, so scroll down on their site) are blank pages of unintelligible garbage. And their prices are unprecedented.

You can’t even chat with an agent without answering a ton of questions AND providing an email. Really??

So, it’s going to be a no for us, dog. A big, fat NO!

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