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  • Detailed website
  • Easy ordering process


  • Foreign writers
  • Too many add-ons
  • Higher than average prices

Trust My Paper Review

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Who is Trust My Paper?

Trust My Paper doesn’t have an “About Us” page. To us, that’s just plain lazy. How hard is it to tell potential customers a little about yourselves, why you started the business, what your mission statement is, and why you’re important to them. But no, sadly they don’t tell us anything on their website about themselves.

Based on several factors, including reviews that accuse them of using foreign writers, we feel confident in saying that Trust My Paper is a foreign-run essay writing service.

How Much is a Paper?

Well, just like it is with all foreign essay writing services, the price is not cut and dry. They strongly encourage you to upgrade by paying up to 35% for a “better quality” writer. In fact, a lot of essay writing services charge 40% more for their “TOP” writers.

The price goes up significantly if you choose a “TOP” writer.

As you can see, if you choose a better writer (and who says you’ll get one?) then the price can be over $32 per page! That isn’t even including if you want a more advanced paper, or one with multiple sources.

By now, most of us know that it costs way less to live in many foreign countries than it does to live in the US or Canada. That’s why foreign-written papers are usually pretty cheap. However, we’re seeing these days that even the foreign outfits charge premium pricing. That would be OK if they were legible when you got them back, but often that’s not the case.

Online Reviews:

There are not a lot of reviews out there for Trust My Paper. First, we looked on Trustpilot and saw that Trust My Paper is banned on that site. bans Trust My Paper.

Then we looked on Sitejabber where we found 73 reviews and an unimpressiver 3.5/5 stars. shows reviews for Trust My Paper.

A lot of the negative reviews (nearly 50% of the total reviews were critical) complained about poor-quality writing. Many people accused Trust My Paper of using foreign writers. Below are two of many examples where a reviewer paid for a paper and got back a foreign-written essay that was very low quality.

Complaints from multiple reviewers of getting back poorly written papers.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Comprehensive website
  2. Easy ordreing process
  3. Reviews


  1. Foreign writers
  2. Too many add-ons
  3. Higher than average prices

Final Thoughts:

This is a foreign essay writing service. If you want your paper written by an English-speaking writer, you may want to consider going with another essay service.

The website explains things thoroughly, which is a good feature. They have chat agents to help you out, as well. There are good things about Trust My Paper, but again, it’s a foreign company.

Their prices are steep. For a 1-page paper with 2 days’ notice, you’ll be paying over $32.00. That’s high. If you factor in a more difficult paper, one with more sources and more research needed, who knows what the cost would total.

All in all, it’s like we always say: How can a foreign writer create a paper for an English speaking student and make it sound believable?

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