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  • Foreign company
  • Pay a lot more for native English speaking writer
  • No online reviews

Top Essay Writing Review

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Who is Top Essay Writing?

Although Top Essay Writing doesn’t have an “About Us” page, they tell you on the homepage what you can expect from them, as well as what others have to say about them. homepage tells a bit about the company (from their perspective).

As you can see, they consider themselves the foremost essay writing service on the market. We’ll have to see what the online reviews have to say shortly. In the meantime, we aren’t out to give an English lesson here, but needless to say there are some big faux pas in the text…Could that mean it wasn’t written by a native English-speaking writer? Hm…

We can’t find a location for Top Essay Writing, but all you need to do is look around on their website. The writing is poor, guys. It really seems like this is yet another foreign writing service that isn’t going to give up their whereabouts. Sometimes price can clue us in on whether or not the company is foreign. A lot of other countries require way less to live on, so you’ll often see rock-bottom pricing on essays if the outfit is based in one of those countries. That is not always the case, though, because some of them charge American prices anyway!!

How Much is a Paper?

This chart is confusting to say the least.

What do you make of this pricing chart? So, you have to click on one of the top categories and then your price will be revealed. It looks like papers are about $25 per page with 2 days’ notice if you want a paper “written from scratch.”

As with almost every foreign essay writing service (another dead giveaway) you will be forced to pay more (a lot more) for a higher caliber of writer. Here’s the qeustions we always ask, “How do you know you’re getting a better writer with that extra fee?”

You’ll pay dearly for a “top writer” which translates as English speaking writer.

So, to be clear, according to Top Essay Writing, if you want a native English speaking writer you need to pay an extra $14.50 per page?? And who exactly guarantees you’ll get a native English speaking writer for that fee? If it costs that much more for a native English speaking writer, that tells us a couple things: 1. Most of the writers they employ are foreign. 2. The company is foreign.

Online Reviews:

Top Essay Writing says the word “perfection” is in every other review.

From their site, you can see that Top Essay Writing thinks they’re “the bomb.” They say you’ll see the word “perfection” in every other Top Essay Writing review. Let’s see if this is the case.

Trustpilot doesn’t have any reviews for Top Essay Writing. shows no reviews.

Let’s check out Sitejabber and see what they have to say about Top Essay Writing.

Sitejabber shows 2 reviews, but when you look at them they are both from the same reviewer (Stefni) and are the same review, posted twice.

So, we could really say there are no reviews, “perfect” or otherwise.

Top Essay Writing Chat Feature Asks Too Much:

Chat feature cannot be accessed without providing a personal email account.

When you’re just a tire-kicking customer, browsing for an affordable but good essay, you really don’t want to provide a personal email. Usually, when a company asks for it this soon, they’re going to spam you. We’ve found that with many, many essay writing services. It’s nothing to get a dozen emails in a couple of days’ time after providing an email address.

You should be able to ask a few questions during the browsing process without having to give up personal information, so a big “no” to this protocol, Top Essay Writing!

Pros & Cons:


N/A (Not enough good to even be included in a “pro” list)


  1. Foreign company (with foreign writers)
  2. Pay a lot more per page for a native English speaking writer
  3. No online reviews

Final Thoughts:

Top Essay Writing might like to toot their own horn but the truth is, we can’t find any reviews to back up their claims.

They admit their writers are foreign when they ask you to pay an extra $14.50 per page for a native English speaking writer.

You have to provide personal information just to chat. No thanks!

There are better essay writing services out there.

Save time by going straight to our first choice in essay services at!

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