Term Paper Easy

$33.21 per page with 2 days' notice








  • Friendly chat agents
  • Wide array of services
  • Easy ordering process


  • Foreign (Germany)
  • Higher prices than the competition
  • Very suspicious reviews

Term Paper Easy Review

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termpapereasy.com homepage

Who is Term Paper Easy?

Term Paper Easy has a domain that’s registered in Germany.

Term Paper Easy is a foreign essay writing service.

Term Paper Easy has an “About Us” page. It’s pretty vague, as in it doesn’t really tell you who’s running the show, what drives them to stay in business, etc. They have a “Contact Us” page, but it doesn’t have a physical address, which is probably another way of disguising their whereabouts.

Taken from the “About Us” page at Term Paper Easy.

How Much is a Paper?

Term Paper Easy prices.

Let’s see if we continue on with the ordering process, though, if the price of $33.17 stays the same. Two quick things: 1. That number, $33.17, is pretty specific. We are sure we’ve seen it multiple times before, which could mean Term Paper Easy is operating under multiple names. Maybe not, but that is a really specific number, eh? Secondly, you do have to provide an email address to move on in the ordering process.

Why the different price from Term Paper Easy compared to their price calculator?

It’s interesting that the price would shift from $33.17 to $33.21, don’t you think? Hmm, just curious as to why they tacked on a few cents…

Online Reviews:

The only way to approach what we found on Term Paper Easy’s reviews is to be direct. So, here goes. The reviews appear to be fake. When an essay service has ZERO negative reviews, it raises major red flags. What that’s saying, or asking us to believe, is that not a single customer was unsatisfied, had a missed deadline, a miscommunication, a bad grade, nothing!

This is just a way of explaining that although it’s great to see positive reviews, you need to use common sense and say, “Wait a minute, why are there no negative, or even neutral reviews?” Heck, even the best in any business has at least a few negative reviews, right?

Pros & Cons:


  1. Friendly chat agents
  2. Wide array of services
  3. Easy ordering process


  1. Foreign essay service (registered in Germany)
  2. High prices compared to competition
  3. Very suspicious reviews

Final Thoughts:

Term Paper Easy is registered in Germany. They have no negative reviews, which is very suspicious since every legit company in the world has at least some negative reviews. Their price is high, but then they go and raise it 4 cents during the ordering process with no real reason or explanation.

We don’t recommend Term Paper Easy at this time. We don’t suggest going with foreign essay writing services because they simply write and speak differently from Americans. That means your teacher will spot those differences and call you out on it. Who needs that, right?

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