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$25 per page with 2 days' notice








  • Reasonable rates
  • Some online reviews
  • Offer a full range of services


  • Foreign company
  • Complaints about writing quality
  • Misleading claims on website

Superb Paper Review

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Who is Superb Paper?

On the “About Us” page, Superb Paper tells us why they are different from all of the other essay writing companies out there. It’s sort of hard to believe their claims. Notice the circled red figures below.

Also, in the image above, taken from the homepage, take a moment to read the text. No one with a firm grasp on the English language would have written that. It is almost guaranteed a foreign-speaking writer composing that “About Us” text, along with the other web content at Superb Paper.

Even the name, “Superb Paper,” is suspect. Wouldn’t you have named the business “Superb Papers” with an “s”? Most Americans would, which is why it raises a red flag.

How Much is a Paper?

It looks like a college paper that’s due in 2 days is about $25.00, which is a reasonable price. If you want a plagiarism report or your paper to be “high priority,” you’ll pay more, but otherwise $25 per page is the fee.

The cost of a 1-page paper due in 2 days is $25 at Superb Paper.

Online Reviews:

Trustpilot banned Superb Paper, so they don’t show any reviews. Sitejabber has 63 reviews, with an average rating of 4/5 stars. The problem is, many reviewers accuse Superb Paper of buying reviews, so it’s hard to say whether the good reviews are accurate.

Some of the negative reviews make some harsh accusations, including foreign, ammaturish writing and paying for reviews. reviews accuse Superb Paper of paying for reviews.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Reasonable price
  2. Some online reviews to browse
  3. Offer a full range of services


  1. Foreign company
  2. Complaints about writing quality
  3. Misleading claims on website (and regarding their location)
  4. You can’t choose your own writer
  5. You’ll have to upgrade (more money) for a better-quality writer

Final Thoughts:

Although a chat agent told us the company is located in the UK, that is not our gut feeling on this one, guys. The web content, chat agent conversations, and online reviews complaining about childlike writing, lead us to believe this company is located in a foreign company where English is not the first language.

Their claims of having 5,000 available writers and turning in 75,000 projects to date (while operating only 5 years) are outlandish.

If they’re lying about their figures, lying about location, and dodging easy questions on chat (such as “Can I pick my own writer?”) then what else are they misleading us about?

Our suggestion? Keep looking, because there are American-based essay writing service that will be able to help you in creating believeable, high-quality papers.

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