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  • Foreign essay writing service
  • Very high prices
  • No online reviews
  • False website claims

Studdit Review

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Who is Studdit?

Let’s start with location. Where do you think Studdit is from? Hmm, if you guessed Cyprus, you’re right!!

Studdit is located in Cyprus, not an English-speaking country.

In their “About Us” section, Studdit doesn’t really tell you anything about who started the company, why they do it, or really anything that might shed light into who you’re potentially going into business with.

Read the “Our lifestyle” section. Does it read like an American you’ve ever talked to? No! Furthermore, their big, bold, false claims are a joke. Over 100,000 students gave positive feedback? Where? Look below at what we have to say about the lack of reviews for Studdit.

How Much is a Paper?

The cost of a paper ranges from $25 per page to $39.50 per page, with 2 days’ notice. Now, aas you’ll see in the “TOP” writer column, if you want a native English-speaking writer then you’ll be paying $39.50 per page. That is way above the standard per-page fee in the essay writing business.

This is the price for a “Basic” writer.
This is the price for an “Advanced” writer.
This is the price for a “TOP” writer.

There are all sorts of extra features you can add on, such as getting a plagiarism report for $10 or copies of the soft sources used to create your paper at $5 each. As you can see, by the time a student adds on 3-4 features they may not be aware are unnecessary, they could be spending over $60 per page! Nuts!

Online Reviews:

There are very few reviews online for Studdit. Sitejabber and Trustpilot have a combined 14 reviews, all 5 stars. It’s always suspicious when any company (in any industry) only has a handful of reviews and they’re all perfect. Think of Stephen King and how awesome his writing is, yet he gets some really scathing reviews on Amazon.

People who give reviews are usually either really happy or really unhappy with the product or service they received. So, only 14 people gave online reviews for Studdit and every one of them was over the moon? Well, maybe. Then again, maybe those reviews are bought and paid for, we really can’t say.

Pros & Cons:




  1. Foreign essay writing service
  2. Very high prices
  3. No reviews
  4. False website claims of hundreds of thousands of customers

Final Thoughts:

We say this all the time, but come on! Between the false claims of hundreds of thousands of happy customers (yet no reviews), the ridiculous upcharging that makes their prices utterly unaffordable, and the fact that they’re located in a non-English speaking country…how could we possibly recommend these guys to you?

Would you sell college papers that you wrote to a foreign student, trying to pass the writing off as authentic? No! Why? Because you don’t know how colleges in other countries run, how foreign languages use shorthand to communicate, and generally how things work in other languages. So why, oh why, are these foreign outfits trying to write American papers??

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