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  • Slimy sales tactics
  • Threaten customers
  • Too many annoying pop-ups

Shark Papers Review

**Also operates as 5 Star Essay!

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Who is Shark Papers?

Shark Papers has an “About Us” section that covers “How we pick our writers,” “Services offered,” “Benefits of working with,” and “The core values,” and “Who is on our team.” Below, you can see the core values says they adhere to.

About Us page
“About Us” section on the Shark Papers website

Notice in the “Who is on our team” section, the pop-up at the bottom right of the picture. Shark Papers has constant pop-ups to the point where it’s distracting. You can’t look at anything without being bombarded with pop-ups.

Our team page
In the “Who is on our team” section at Shark Papers, they show employees.

Shark Papers operates under other company names such as 5 Star Essays. We suspect they are using many other names, too, based on several factors, one of them being near-identical websites, pop-ups, and chat agents.

Check out below to see what happens when we do a domain search. Many, many online essay writing services point back to Weird, huh?

Domain Information
Who is Essay Writing For Me? That’s where Shark Papers points back to upon doing a domain search.

How Much is a Paper?

Price calculator
Price calculator at Shark Papers

Look at the price calculator above. Notice that they’re saying Shark Papers is having a “sale” where a college paper is 50% off, leaving it at $25.73 per page. So, it was originally almost $52 per page? Come on! That is a joke! It’s a slimy sales tactic when any company claims to have a blowout sale, and shows original prices so astronomical that even the sales price is actually just the standard price of everywhere else.

To get an estimate, you have to provide a lot of personal info, including a phone number and email. Yeah, we aren’t going to do that. So, based solely on the price calculator, we’d say Shark Papers is off their rocker to claim an original price of almost $52 per page.

Online Reviews:

Although we found plenty of reviews for Shark Papers, many seem fake and there is no shortage of people accusing Shark Papers of creating false positive reviews online. But that’s not the part we’re concerned with, as many companies, sadly, make false reviews to look better.

Check out the blatant threat that Shark Papers made to a paying customer (posted on when they posted a negative review.

Nothing is worse than an essay service threatening to tell your school that you bought a paper.

This is not the only incidence of Shark Papers threatening to call a student out to their university or school if they didn’t accept poor service or a failing grade! This is NEVER OK! Kids are worried enough to buy a paper online, but to have to add being called out to their college for doing so is just really south of all right!

Other negative accusations include plagiarism, a lot of “copy and paste” work, and rude customer service. You can check out reviews at and

Pros & Cons:




  1. Slimy sales tactics (Claiming whopping 50% off sales, but really just giving you the standard essay price that everyone else is charging)
  2. They threaten many paying customers when the student leaves a negative review online
  3. So many pop-ups you can’t focus on the site info

Final Thoughts:

When you catch someone in a lie, doesn’t it call into question every single other thing they say? Yes! Well, Shark Papers tells plenty of lies on their site. For one, they operate under multiple business names so you never know when you’re getting Shark Papers (even if you had a terrible experience with them and don’t want them). Also, they boldly claim their essays started at $52 per page just to make their “sale” look better.

You can’t trust Shark Papers, and we’re not going to sugarcoat it. They’re slimy. Keep looking because you deserve way better. I mean, who wants to sit around debating on accepting a “D” paper without a fight or risking expulsion when Shark Papers tells your college you cheated??

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