$36 with 2 days' notice

$31 per page with 2 days' notice








  • Comprehensive website
  • Plenty of services offered


  • Foreign company claiming to be in Delaware
  • High prices
  • Unhelpful chat agents

Rush Essay Review

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rushessay.com homepage

Who is Rush Essay?

That’s a great question! First of all, they claim to be in the US, but look below at who the server links to: Rajeev. Now, by all means, we are not saying Indians don’t live in America or operate American companies! Not at all! It’s just that India and Cyprus are well-known for creating tons of essay writing services and claiming to be in the states. So, we’ll keep that in mind as we continue our research.

The domain name server points back to a “Rajeev” which isn’t a typical American name.

Now, here’s another strange thing we found early on into our research. Although we’d never visited the Rush Essay site, a chat box popped up immediately showing a name we’d used on other sites to have chat conversations. We crossed out the name, but it’s an uncommon name that we occasionally use to start a chat.

Rush Essay operates under other business names because they recognized us by our chat name.

What that means, is that we’ve already talked to Rush Essay under one of their other company names. And what THAT means, is that if you get a horrible paper or bad customer service or anything negative from one essay service, you may get them again under a different name! Unfair and completely dishonest!

We asked the chat agent, Mary, where the company is located. Here is what she said.

At least half of the companies we review claim to be in Delaware, but are not even in the US.

How Much is a Paper?

Although the price calculator says about $31 per page with 2 days’ notice, the chat agent quoted us $5 higher for the exact same project! Therefore, we feel certain the real price is at least $36 per page, which is really high compared to the competition.

This price is higher than the average per-page cost of a paper.
A “Standard” writer, Rush Essay’s lowest-quality writer is $31 per page.
It’s interesting that Rush Essay only charges $2 more for their “best” writers.

But what kind of price did the chat agent give us? Well, we can tell you it was NOT the price listed on the prompt form at all.

As you can see, all Mary wanted was to close the deal.

Mary gave me a price $5 higher than the pricing calculator on the Rush Essay site! Then, when we corrected her, all she could do was more or less say “Oh well” and try to close the deal as quickly as possible.

Online Reviews:

There are a lot of reviews on Sitejabber, but if you look closely you can see that many of those reviews are negative. Even though they get 4 stars overall, 58 of the 93 reviews are poor.

trustpilot.com shows a total of 36% poor reviews for Rush Essay.
sitejabber.com reviews for Rush Essay. Although they get 4 stars, over 50% of the reviews are negative.
Sitejabber shows 58 negative reviews for Rush Essay, which is well over 50% of the total reviews.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Comprehensive web content (although the site looks cluttered)
  2. Offer plenty of services


  1. Foreign company claiming to be in Delaware
  2. Unhelpful chat agents
  3. Higher priced than most essay services

Final Thoughts:

Nothing is worse than starting out with an essay service who lies about their location. Rush Essay claims to be in Delaware, but everything about them tells us they’re not in the US. The way they talk, the domain registrant, and the striking similarities to other foreign companies we’ve researched, all lead us to believe Rush Essay is a foreign company.

On top of that, the chat agents quote you way higher than the price calculator. That is just deceptive! When you call them out on it, they act like “Yeah, yeah, whatever!”

We have to say, there are more affordable, friendlier, and more honest companies to work with on your next paper.

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