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  • Online reviews are mostly good
  • Helpful chat agents
  • Simple website


  • Writers may not all be native English speakers
  • Prices are higher than many other writing services
  • Unsubstantiated claims on their writers' abilities

Pendrago Review homepage

Who is Pendrago?

Although we are not sure who started Pendrago, or why, the FAQ section lists an answer about who is writing your paper.

FAQ section of

Since we did not apply for a writing position at Pendrago, it is impossible to know how rigorous the employment application is, but they state that it’s rigorous.

How Much is a Paper?

The short answer is, it starts at $33.17 per double-spaced page. To get a simple estimate, you have to provide an email, name, and phone number. Not all essay writing services ask for all of this personal information just to obtain an estimate for papers.

Why should you have to provide your name, email, and phone number just to get a price? Since so few sites do that, it raises a red flag as to why they ask so much for a simple estimate.

Pendrago makes you provide personal info to get an estimate.

When an essay writing service charges more for a native English speaker, it gives us reason to believe they employ mostly foreign writers. Also, what proof do you have that for your extra money, you’ll actually get a native English-speaking writer? Good question!

Online Reviews: shows 12 reviews for Pendrago. shows 46 reviews for Pendrago.

You are welcome to check out the reviews on Trustpilot and Sitejabber for Pendrago. On Truspilot, 83% are positive and 17% are negative. On Sitejabber, 40 reviews are positive and 6 are negative. Reading through reviews can often be a good way to look for common denominators, both good and bad, in the way an essay service conducts business.

Bold Claims:

Bold claims on Pendrago.

It is so hard to know when a company makes bold claims, what to believe. For example, where is the proof to back up the claim that Pendrago employs the top 2% of writers? It is nearly impossible to prove that. What they are saying is that their writers are better than 98% of all the writers for hire in the entire world. You can form your own opinion on that one.

We asked the chat agent, Phil, a little about the writers on the site. Here is how that conversation went. It gets a little confusing.

Chat agent says that all writers are native English speakers with a minimum of a Master’s degree.

Phil says that all of the writers are native English speakers and hold a minimum of a Master’s degree. However, in the ordering process there is a tab where you can select a particular kind of writer–as in what language they speak.

Why do you have to clarify whether you want a native English speaker if all of the writers are English-speaking?

Above, you can see that in the ordering process you need to check a box if you want a “specific kind of expert” such as a native speaker or fluent speaker. Native to what? Fluent in what? Can we assume English? Normally, if all of the writers are native English speakers, this tab would have no reason to be included on the order form.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Online reviews are more positive than negative
  2. Chat agents ready to tackle your questions
  3. Simple website


  1. Writers may not all be native English-speakers
  2. Prices higher than standard
  3. Unsubstantiated bold claims on website (such as they only employ the top 2% of writers worldwide)

Final Thoughts:

The main hesitation with Pendrago is that you could get back a paper written by someone who does not have a firm grasp on the English language.

Secondly, with the really bold claims of only using the world’s best writers (top 2%) on the site, it is tough to believe such claims.

Last, the prices are higher than the industry standard. You can usually get a paper for around $22-$25 per page, whereas the quote we got at Pendrago is $33.17, and that was for a simple book report with only one source.

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