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Peachy Essay Review

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Who is Peachy Essay?

Peachy Essay claims to have started in 2007, but the oldest reviews we could find are from 2020. So…

They have a UK country code on their phone number, which you can see below. phone number
Country code 44 is UK, indicating Peachy Essay is in the UK.

A chat agent confirmed that Peachy Essay is in the UK. Great, so what’s that mean? Well, the biggest thing to consider is that British English and American English are sometimes different in subtle, but recognizable ways. Teachers won’t believe it when you talk about the “colour” of the sunset or that your date was “unrecognisable” in person compared to her online profile pic. Get it? Got it? Good!

How Much is a Paper?

On the prompt, we chose the simplest requirements. The result is nearly $56 per page for a college essay due in 2 days! What?? Now, keep in mind this is for the most basic. If you’re in your 3rd or 4th year of college, they charge more. If you needed multiple sources or had a tougher project, again, the price would go up. But we’ve never seen nearly $56 per page at ANY other essay service. That is nuts! checkout page
You’ll pay 30% more for an English-speaking writer at Peachy Essay!

Online Reviews:

So, we checked Peachy Essay reviews on two sites: Trustpilot and Sitejabber. Trustpilot bans Peachy Essay from using their site. Sitejabber has a lot of reviews, over a thousand. They have an overall great score, but since you never know how many reviews a company may have paid for (not accusing, just considering all options) then it’s important to see what the negative or neutral reviews have to say. review page bans Peachy Essay from using their site. review has a lot of online reviews for Peach Essay.

Sitejabber’s critical reviews complain of unfair refund policies, rude customer service, and missed deadlines. Also, several reviews talk about basic grammatical errors that could’ve been avoided.

Peachy Essay gets pretty nasty in their responses to critical reviews. Some would call that being a “spoil sport,” but whatever, right? Usually, companies bend over backwards these days to give the customer what they want so they can AVOID negative reviews. Peachy Essay seems to thrive on the back and forth.

See below, where a reviewer had something negative to say and Peachy Essay accused them of spamming. There are a lot of these examples on Sitejabber. Who’s being honest, here? We can’t say…

Peachy Essay likes to argue with negative reviewers.

Bottom line regarding reviews? Always take every aspect of an essay service into consideration before ordering with them. Are they friendly? How long have they been in business? Do they happily answer your questions without making you feel like an idiot? Just take some time and see if they’re a good fit before you rely solely on reviews, whether good or bad.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Decent blog
  2. Chat feature can be helpful
  3. UK-based service (which is still an English-speaking country)


  1. Ridiculously high prices
  2. Customer service can be rude (see review responses on sites like Trustpilot)
  3. Be careful with differences in writing between UK writers and US spoken language

Final Thoughts:

How can Peachy Essay, in good conscience, charge almost $56 per page for the most basic college essay? Think about it: Most other services are about $27 per page for a basic project. That’s well over twice the competition!

Aside from that, what you can expect at Peachy Essay is to only get a refund if your paper fails. In other words, if there are tons of problems all along the way, but you get a (barely) passing grade, too bad. Now, we’re going off multiple reviews. We didn’t order a paper to find out if that’s 100% correct. But lots of people say it is. What else can you expect? Grammatical differences between British and English writing, POSSIBLY rude customer service (whether with chat or admin), and really, just a good old fashioned price gouging.

We can’t recommend Peachy Essay for all of the above reasons. But if you want to pay over double to try them, knock yourself out!

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