Pay for Essay (.net)

$18-$29 with 2 days' notice








  • Low prices
  • Online reviews


  • Foreign company
  • Pay way more for "better" writers
  • Mistakes all over website

Pay For Essay (.net) Review

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Who is Pay for Essay?

About us section on the site.

They don’t disclose much on the site. They say they’ve been around 12 years, but that’s unlikely. Almost 200k customers, but where’s the proof? It’s sites like this that make bold (yet unsubstantiated) claims that raise all kinds of red flags because, how can we trust them?

Strange wording on Pay for Essay

Would you word that statement like that? We sure wouldn’t. If their web content reads “weird” then you are probably safe to assume your paper will, too.

How Much is a Paper?

The cost per page for a paper with Pay for

The price with 2 days’ notice seems to be about $18 per page. They have a locked discount that you can’t access until you provide an email. Think whatever you want about that. We sort of think it’s game playing, but maybe that’s just us.

Speaking of game playing, you will pay dearly for a “better” writer. It’s like this with many essay writing services, but it’s kind of crap. Shouldn’t all writers be great at an essay writing service? It seems like a slimy tactic to milk customers for every extra dime they can. Just name your rate and let us decide if we want you to write our paper. Leave it at that! Don’t go adding on all these extra fees for “premium” writers when we have no idea you’ll actually give us one!

You’ll pay more for a “better” writer at Pay for

Online Reviews: reviews for Pay for reviews for Pay for

A word about reviews: Beware. The bad ones can be competitors trying to turn you on their competition. Good ones can be paid for. So tread lightly, but you can often learn something about a company from their reviews. Check them out for yourself and see what you think!

Commas instead of decimals shows a lack of understanding of the English language.

The above image is taken from Pay for’s website. Notice how they use commas instead of decimals? Well, we noticed! It’s our job, after all, to catch mistakes like this to save you time, money, and embarrassment when you purchase a paper that needs to be great!

The misuse of the commas could indicate a lack of understanding of the English language. Keep that in mind!

Pros & Cons:


  1. Low prices
  2. Online reviews


  1. Foreign company
  2. Pay way more for “better” writers
  3. Mistakes on site content indicate a lack of understanding of the English language

Final Thoughts:

Pay for seems like a low-quality website, and as such, probably a low-quality essay writing service. Either that, or maybe they’re really another company that is directing the traffic from the site over to that other essay service.

They have mistakes on their site, suspiciously low prices, and are very likely in a foreign country. We didn’t see anything worth recommending here. While they have a few reviews to browse, it’s just so hard to say if they’re paid for or real since they’re all so good (despite the elementary website and the fact that they are non-English speaking writers most likely).

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