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$39 for 2 pages due in 1 day








  • Cheap


  • Foreign essay service
  • Deceptive about writers and who knows what else

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Who is Paperial?

Paperial is a foreign essay writing service who use non-native English speaking writers to do your papers. Beyond that, I can’t tell you much since they don’t have an “About Us” page. When a company doesn’t have any sort of “who we are” section, you have to ask yourself if it’s because they’re trying to conceal their identity, or if it’s because they don’t care enough to introduce themselves? I’ll let you think on that one and come up with your own conclusion.

How Much is a Paper?

It’s NOT easy getting a quote. There’s no price calculator in the site and you have to answer a bunch of questions through an AI feature that tries to be funny when all you want is a quote.

Just when I’d answered all the questions and thought I could finally get a quote, I got this…

Are you kidding? We need to create an account to get a simple estimate? Anything would do, but they won’t give us even a jumping off point. Okay, we’ll provide personal info and get an account just to find out your prices are probably obscene compared to legit essay writing services…

This is for a 2 page paper due in 1 day since they wouldn’t let me select 2 days. It was either 1 day or 3…??? Anyway, a couple things: 1. So the entire staff of writers is comprised of doctors and master’s degree holders? Wow, and they work that cheap, huh? Cool. 2. I hope you can see that the images are ridiculous. These are NOT their writers. If they’re lying about this, what else are they being deceptive about…and are you willing to risk your academic career figuring it out?

Best & Worst Findings:

~Best finding is the price, but if you get back garbage then even a penny is too much to pay. I’m not saying you would get back crap. I have no idea but I’ll bet it would have a lot of jibber jabber because it’s not written by a native English-speaking writer.

~Worst is the lying and intentional deception. All they really wanted was our email and who knows what they’re going to do with it. But, let’s just say they’re very shady about who they are, where they’re from, and are flat-out lying about their writers’ identities.

Our Final Thoughts:

Paperial came up on a search of “get a high school paper” and it was in a list of other “best essay writing services.” You can assume when that happens (something turns up in a best-of list but seems to be total crap when you look further into it) that it’s a case of one big company (essay service) making review blogs to promote their own businesses which operate under various names.

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