Paper Hacker

$22 per page with 2 days' notice








  • Reasonable rates
  • Wide array of services


  • Foreign company
  • Hard to understand chat agents
  • Confusing website, hard to get a quote
  • Overly defensive in their review responses

Paper Hacker Review

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Who is Paper Hacker?

Paper Hacker doesn’t have an “About Us” page, but they do have a “Why Us” section. Before you read that below, just know that although Paper Hacker claims to be in the United States, the information we gathered in our research leads us to believe they are a foreign essay service.

Paper Hacker “Why Us” section.

On the same page, they give a checklist of why you should go with them.

It’s unlikely that $22 per page (you’ll read about pricing below) is the lowest on the market. It is affordable, yes, but not the lowest on the market.

How Much is a Paper?

The homepage has a price calculator, but it’s interesting because you don’t get a quote there. You have to “Continue for free” by clicking a button. Why wouldn’t it be free, though? It’s just a quote, after all.

Why wouldn’t it be free?

The process got ridiculous when they kept requiring more and more information before releasing even a rough estimate on a paper! Very, very annoying!

Would not accept our information.

Regardless of what phone number we put (we certainly weren’t going to provide a real one and neither should you!) it would not accept the number. You know what that means? We could not move on, could not get a quote. Multiple tries and we could not access their quote sheet.

Ugh. So we moved on to chat. Again, had to give an email. Don’t worry, a fake one works fine! Here’s how that went.

Who talks like that?? “As per my check, the approximate price…”

When I asked “Anna” where the company is located, she gave me an address in Michigan. The problem, though, was Anna’s English was so broken it was obvious she (and Paper Hacker) is not from the states.

Online Reviews:

There are a handful of reviews on Sitejabber and Trustpilot for Paper Hacker. They’re worth checking out because the admins at Paper Hacker sure like to argue. When they get a negative review, rather than apologize and offer a discount to try them again, they argue! They write out long responses that try to put the reviewer (customer) in their place, ensuring they’ll never ever use the company again! Odd! reviews for Paper Hacker. reviews for Paper Hacker.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Reasonable prices
  2. Wide array of services


  1. Foreign company that claims to be in the US
  2. Way, way too hard to get a quote
  3. Chat agents with such broken English it’s hard to communicate
  4. Sour grapes when they get a negative review (rather than trying to win the customer back)
  5. Confusing (busy) website

Final Thoughts:

Paper Hacker may claim to be in Michigan, but it’s pretty obvious to us that they are in a foreign country. Their prices are reasonable, but only if you’re going to get a good paper back!

When they get a negative review, they are so busy being defensive that they turn that customer away for life. And guess what? Then that customer will tell everyone they know!

Their website is really “busy.” A lot of rambling text, and way too hard to get a simple quote. This site is the hardest we’ve seen to obtain a rough estimate on a paper! Not worth it!

All in all, there is nothing at Paper Hacker that makes us want to recommend this essay writing service to you.

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