My Perfect Paper

$19.50 with 2 days' notice








  • Affordable rates
  • Plenty of online reviews


  • Foreign
  • Threaten to tell on you if you leave a negative review
  • You need to provide too much personal info to get a price

My Perfect Paper Review

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Who is My Perfect Paper?

Who knows? That’s our short answer. These guys are almost 100% guaranteed to be foreign. Every single thing about their site screams foreign, quite frankly. We learned that they threaten to tell your university you purchased a paper if you decide to leave them a negative review online.

All in all, there are some seedy things about My Perfect Paper, for sure. The negative reviews are truly scathing, not just negative. So, even though they have an overall high rating, it’s the bad ones that will send you running. They’re that bad, man.

In the “Contact” section, they show locations all over the globe. It’s just really hard to know who/where they are, you know? One last thing, in a domain search, they show Essay Writing For Me. What’s that?? Are they the same outfit? Too many mysteries for us to decipher.

How Much is a Paper?

You can’t get a quick estimate at My Perfect Paper without providing personal info.

It’s always frustrating when an essay service makes you cough up a phone number and email just to get a quick estimate. But there is literally no getting past this step. So, just provide a fake one and move on to the price…

A paper at My Perfect Paper is about $19.50.

As you can see, a basic paper due in 2 days is $19.50. BUT, we can’t be sure that’s the real price because when you hit “Next Step” you are taken to a screen where you have to create an account. We didn’t do that, so it’s anyone’s guess if at that point, you’re offered “Native” writers for up to 40% more per page. We really just don’t know.

Online Reviews:

My Perfect Paper has a lot of online reviews. Before we get to them, we like to caution you to do more research on an essay service than just looking at reviews. Some of them can be fake. Others can be competitors trying to discourage you from using that essay service. So, just do a little homework before you buy a paper anywhere, not just from My Perfect Paper.

So, Sitejabber has over a thousand reviews. Not bad. They give them an overall score of 5 stars. Trustpilot has 182 reviews and gives My Perfect Paper 4.4/5 stars.

There are some negative reviews (to be expected of any company) but the reviews are mostly good.

We would like to show you one review, though, that really stood out to us.

My Perfect Paper threatened to go to this student’s school and call them out on buying a paper.

We have never heard of an essay service threatening to tell your school that you purchased a paper! That is really unprofessional, and gives all essay services a bad rep. This wasn’t the only review like this, so it must be true. Really, really out of line.

Pros & Cons:


  1. A lot of online reviews
  2. Decent prices


  1. Foreign
  2. Threaten to tell your university on you if you leave a bad review
  3. You need to provide too much personal info upfront for a basic quote (phone number, email)

Final Thoughts:

Aside from being foreign (because that right there is a reason for us to caution you) they threaten students to tell their teachers if they leave a bad review. That’s something we’ve never encountered. And it’s unprofessional at best.

My Perfect Paper has a lot of annoying pop-ups. A lot! They make a lot of bold claims on their site about how many “satisfied” customers they have, how many top-notch writers are on staff, etc. without backing any of these claims up.

Really, though, all we needed to hear was that My Perfect Paper threatens paying customers if they dare to leave a bad review. For this reason alone, we DO NOT RECOMMEND My Perfect Paper.

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