My Essay Geeks

$32 with 2 days' notice








  • Has been around at least 5-6 years
  • Nice chat agents
  • Lots of online reviews


  • British-English used with writers
  • Inconvenient ordering process
  • Higher priced than many other essay services

My Essay Geeks Review

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Who is My Essay Geeks?

My Essay Geeks claims to be in the US (Utah) but we couldn’t prove that during our research. Their site is filled with errors, so regardless of where they’re based, they need to clean up their writing! It IS an essay service, after all.

They claim to have started a decade ago (2012) but the oldest review we could find online is from 2016.

One other thing to mention is the use of British-English on the site and with Admins who reply to reviewers on sites like Trustpilot and Sitejabber. If you’re not careful, this could be the thing that trips you up with professors who will 100% wonder why you said “realised” when you should have used “realized.”

How Much is a Paper?

The price per page is about $32 at My Essay Geeks.

It looks like the price per page is about $32 if you give 2 days’ notice with My Essay Geeks. What we didn’t like was how extensive the process was just to get a quick quote. You had to provide first and last name, phone number, email, and a lot of other unnecessary details when all you want is a price.

As for the $32 per page? It’s definitely not the cheapest in town. The average is about $27 per page with 2 days’ notice.

Online Reviews: shows a lot of reviews for My Essay Geeks.

Notice on Sitejabber, that My Essay Geeks get over 2,400 reviews! That is a TON! But look closer and see if it raises any red flags for you that they have ZERO negative reviews? Even the best in any field gets a bad review here and there. When they don’t, it makes you wonder if the good reviews are fake. We aren’t saying they are, but just to be careful because it’s definitely suspicious.

What does Trustpilot have to say? Let’s see! only has 34 reviews for My Essay Geeks.

Trustpilot only has 34 reviews, with 6% being negative. Their overall score is only 3.5 stars. Why such a different story on Trustpilot?

Pros & Cons:


  1. Tons of online reviews on Sitejabber
  2. They accept Bitcoin payments
  3. Friendly chat agents


  1. Come across as foreign (and use British-English)
  2. Sitejabber has 2,400 reviews, but not even one bad one (heck, not even one neutral review!) which seems really fake
  3. Just to get a quick price, it’s kind of a headache (you need to shell out way too much info way too early in the game)

Final Thoughts:

At $32 a page, My Essay Geeks would have to be SUPER quality! That’s about $5 higher than the industry standard per-page rate. Also, with their heavy use of British-English, you need to proofread whatever they write for you so your teacher doesn’t raise too many red flags.

You could try these guys out based on all of the great reviews on Sitejabber. But maybe try to get them to show you proof that they’re in the states (because we highly doubt they are). Be careful here, guys. They get good reviews, but that only counts if the reviews are real, which we aren’t sure about.

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