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Over $32 per page with 2 days' notice








  • Decent website
  • Offer services through Ph.D.


  • Seem deceptive about their location
  • High prices
  • Force you to give too much personal info too soon

My Essay Geek Review

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Who is My Essay Geek?

I spoke to a chat agent, Hazel, who said the company is in the UK. That’s often the response from an outfit that doesn’t want to admit to being from India, Cyprus, or Russia. A domain search wasn’t helpful because it’s too easy for essay services to disguise their location. So, it’s hard to say where My Essay Geek is from, but there are some red flags that it’s not an English speaking country.

For now, take a look at their “About Us” page. It’s pretty clean, which is bonus points for them. For a minute, we almost thought they were from America or an English speaking country. It’s in the pricing section that we changed our minds.

My Essay Geek claims all of the writers are native English speakers. Keep that in mind when we get to pricing.

See the above where it says that all of their writers are native English speakers? Keep that in mind when we get to pricing.

How Much is a Paper?

Ugh, it’s always annoying when an essay writing service forces you to give all this personal information just to get a quote! Grr! We, naturally, gave false information and it let us through, so no worries there!

Now, look below at the red arrows. Why, oh why, do they ask you to distinguish between “native speaker” and “fluent speaker?” They said on their “About” page that ALL of their writers are native…

So, below you’ll see two images with prices. They’re both for a 1-page paper due in 2 days. The first image shows us not specifying any type of writer. It’s over $32 per page, which is high for a simple 1-page paper. The second image is if you select “Best expert in my field,” which who wouldn’t want a great writer?? Look at the price jump! They want nearly $42 per page!

My Essay Geek wants almost $42 per page!

Online Reviews:

There are a handful of reviews online for My Essay Geek. They’re mostly good, but some people complain about quality, a lack of the writer following instructions, and poor customer service. reviews for My Essay Geek reviews for My Essay Geek

Pros & Cons:


  1. Decent website
  2. Offer services up through Ph.D.


  1. Deceptive (we think) about their location. We believe they are operating from a non-English speaking country
  2. Very high prices
  3. Force you to provide a lot of personal info just to get a quote
  4. Claim they employ ALL native English speaking writers, but then charge more to get one

Final Thoughts:

My Essay Geek is definitely not operating in the United States. The chat agent claims they’re in the UK. They may be, but it’s unusual (and fishy) when an essay service claims they employ all native English speaking writers, but then tries to charge a lot more for one of them!

Their prices are high, and only get higher if you want one of their best writers, or even a fluent English speaking writer. Not cool.

They force you to provide an email and even a personal phone number just to get a quote. That’s not the norm, and it’s pushy if you ask us.

Basically, there are several reasons to tread lightly with this essay service. If you go with them, just know that they’re purposely skirting the question, “Where are you from?” For us, that’s a reason to pause.

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