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$28-$44 per page with 2 days' notice








  • Easy-to-navigate website
  • Wide array of services


  • Foreign company
  • Pushy chat agents
  • Higher prices than standard

My Admissions Essay Review

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Who is My Admissions Essay?

While there is no “About Us” page, My Admissions Essay has a “Our Writers” page.

“Our Writers” page at My Admissions Essay

They list their “top” writers on the page. Here is a sample:

The “top” writers at My Admissions Essay.

As you can see, there are just cartoon icons and ID numbers to identify the writers. We get that most essay writers want to remain anonymous, but this list is so impersonal. They want us to hire a writer based on an ID number. We’ve seen more personal, thorough descriptions of writers that give us a much better picture of the real person behind the profile.

How Much is a Paper?

At My Admissions Essay, you’ll pay more depending on the category of writer you choose. We find this with many, many essay writing services, particularly the foreign ones. Sometimes they’ll admit you’re paying more for a native speaker, but in the end it’s hard to say if you’d even get one for the extra money. How do you know until you order a paper and get back the finished product?

Below, you’ll see that a 1-page paper with a 2-day deadline (a book report with one source) ranges from $28-$44+ which is very high.

Online Reviews: shows 49 reviews for My Admissions Essay. shows 26 reviews for My Admissions Essay.

There are not a ton of reviews, but if you check out Sitejabber and Trustpilot, you’ll find a few. Reviews don’t always paint the true picture because some can be paid for, others can be the competition trying to smear the company. But, as with everything, check out any reviews you can find, and take them with a grain of salt.

If, for example, you do your homework and determine that an essay writing service is pretty legit, but they have a few bad reviews, they’re probably OK. You know? You can’t please everyone. But, if you see all kinds of red flags in your research, and then find amazing reviews…be wary. Sadly, a lot of companies buy fake reviews. So just use your better judgment.

What About Chat?

Maybe it shouldn’t, but it always irks us when a chat feature requires you to give personal information to access it. Shouldn’t prospective customers be able to ask a basic question or two without providing a name and email? Why do they need our email to answer a question??

Chat feature cannot be accessed without providing a name and email.

We provided a fake email to see if it unlocked chat (or if they tested the email first). Turns out, a fake email worked fine. We asked Ivy, the chat agent a few questions.

First, notice that Ivy didn’t offer us the “Basic writer” price of $28 for the 1-page book report. She only offered the “Advanced” and “Top” writer prices.

Why didn’t the chat agent offer the most affordable quote as an option?

We then asked Ivy where the company is located.

The chat agent was quick to move on and seal the deal.

Aside from the fact that we would be shocked if My Admissions Essay is actually in London, notice how quickly Ivy tries to steer us back to making a purchase. It’s frustrating when a chat agent only wants to seal the deal at any cost, rather than building a level of trust with a prospective customer.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Easy-to-navigate website
  2. Wide array of services


  1. Foreign company
  2. Very pushy chat agents
  3. Much higher prices than average
  4. They require an email to access chat feature

Final Thoughts:

Although we couldn’t get 100% clarification on where My Admissions Essay is located, our hunch is that they’re in Cyprus. Their prices are high, and worse, they push for you to upgrade to an “Advanced” or “Top” writer to squeeze even more money out of you.

You have to provide an email to ask a question on chat. Don’t worry, though, a fake one lets your through just fine.

The chat agent we spoke with, Ivy, was really pushy. She didn’t want to genuinely help us or quell our fears in ordering an essay online. She only wanted to close the deal, and fast! No matter what we asked, she just kept steering us back to hitting that “order” button.

There are way better essay writing services out there. Check around and see what you think.

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