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IQ Essay Review *SCAM ALERT!!

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Who is IQ Essay?

We have never before called an essay writing service out as being a scam, even the ones we have had to give poor reviews to, but in this case we feel strongly that IQ Essay is not a good option for anyone.

The company claims to be in London…

IQ Essay claims to be in London.

We can’t prove where they are located. However, the very broken English spoken by the chat agent, combined with the striking similarities IQ Essay bears to a lot of the other foreign essay services online, we’re putting two and two together. They are most likely in India or Cyprus.

But the most disturbing thing about IQ Essay is that when we asked about their prices on their Chat feature, they deleted the chat and blocked our IP address!

That is HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS! We were not harrassing them in any way. All we asked was why they were quoting us a higher rate than their pricing indicator showed on their site. Rather than explain, the chat agent said “You are choosing wrong” and deleted the entire chat!

Luckily, we saved a little of the chat as we went. You can read it below.

How Much is a Paper?

We tried to get a quote, but the “Prices” page and the chat agent quote were two very different prices. The pricing indicator showed that a paper is $25 per page with 2 days’ notice. The chat agent said $32 or $37 per page.

But before he quoted us so high, he tried to push for an upgrade in choosing our writer.

Chat agent tried to get us to upgrade our writer.

Below is the price indicated on their “Prices” page.

Price calculator on the IQ Essay website.

But when we asked the chat agent for a price on a simple 1-page book report, he quoted us $7-$12 higher than the “Prices” page calculator…Then blocked us when we asked him about it!

Chat agents gave a much higher price than the price indicator on the site.

Why is the chat agent, Nick, giving me such high prices when the price indicator on the site said $25 per page? Nick is sayin $32 or $37! When I asked him, here was his reply.

Oops! Wait a minute! I can’t show you his reply because “Nick” ended the chat and the whole chat feature disappeared from the screen! But here is what he said…

“It said $25 because you chose something wrong.” Yeah, uh, Nick, I didn’t “choose” anything! It’s listed on their price page that the cost is $25 per page for a college paper due in 2 days!

Online Reviews:

We checked Trustpilot and Sitejabber for reviews and between the two sites, we only found one review.

Only 1 online review?? shows no reviews for IQ Essay. shows only one review for IQ Essay.

So why doesn’t IQ Essay have any reviews? Our best guess is that they have no business. When people buy things online, they leave reviews, both good and bad. For there to be no reviews, it likely means IQ Essay has no customers.


We have never warned our readers to steer clear of a company, but in this case we have no choice. We don’t want to see you get ripped off.

Between having no online reivews, having a chat agent block our IP address, and trying to price gouge potential customers, there is no way we can recommend this essay writing service to you.

Yes, we had a friend check on her computer and the chat feature was still present. So IQ Essay feels the need to block an IP address because we asked about pricing?? Uncalled for, IQ Essay!

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