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  • Outrageously high prices
  • A nonworking email contact
  • Foreign customer service agents on phone
  • Chatbot rather than real chat agents
  • No online reviews

Homework Help USA Review

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homeworkhelpglobal.com homepage

Who is Homework Help USA (and are they really from the US)?

When you type in homeworkhelpglobal.com it takes you to this screen.

Choose US or Canada at Homework Help

This leads us to believe the company has offices in Canada and the United States. For the purposes of this review, we will focus solely on the US leg of the website. Let’s see if they are really in the US to begin with, or if they are a foreign company claiming to be American.

The site’s domain is registered in Ontario, Canada. We cannot say for sure if they actually have offices in the US, as we could find no proof of that. They may only serve the US, but not have physical offices here. We just don’t have enough information to say one way or another.

Homework Help USA has a chat feature, but unfortunately you can only speak to a chatbot. If you’ve never dealt with one of those, they’re very annoying. It’s not a real person and it’s very limited in the amount of help it can offer you.

Notice that the chatbot keeps churning out the same canned answer no matter what question is asked. Also, do you notice the weird wording? Americans and Canadians do not talk like that. Period.

Although we cannot definitively say where the company is located, we wanted to at least find out if you are guaranteed native English speaking writers. You’re forced to email them, as the chatbot doesn’t seem able to help at all. The problem? A nonfunctioning contact email.

There is a nonfunctioning email system when you try to contact admin.

A Second Try with Chat:

Throughout the research process of this review, we kept the window open on Homework Help USA’s website. After a long while, a real person showed up in chat. Interesting. We decided to take the opportunity to ask about the writers.

Chat agent says that Homework Help USA uses writers all over the world.

How Much is a Paper?

The prices at Homework Help USA are so much higher than the industry standard. The average for a reputable essay writing service is about $22-$25 per page with 2 days’ notice. Look at their prices.

Homework Help USA has much higher prices than the competition.

$36-$37 is the base rate for one page with 2 days’ notice??

That is over 65% higher than the average essay writing service per-page rate!

Think about that! These prices are only estimates! Once other fees are added on, and more data is collected (how many sources you need, how hard the project is, whether you need an abstract) the rate could go up substantially. Crazy!

When we tried to place an order, check out the “add-on” features and the outrageous prices for these extras.

Homework Help USA charges $40 to request a previous writer??

Even though they used a very light (almost invisible) gray font, check out the prices for picking a “top” writer, to get a plagiarism report, or request a previous writer! We can honestly say we’ve never seen prices this crazy. I mean, $40 to request a previous writer? And this is on top of the $36 per page they’re asking! Remember, the industry standard for high school is about $22-25 per page. So if you decided to go with Homework Help USA, and get a one-page high school book report with a writer you’ve used before, and got a plagiarism report for good measure, you would be paying $96 for a 1-page book report!!

Online Reviews:

The company claims to have been founded in 2011 but has no online reviews.

For a company that claims to be around 11 years, we can’t help but ask, Where are the reviews??

No reviews on trustpilot.com
No reviews for Homework Help on sitejabber.com

Final Thoughts:

Normally, we try to include a pros and cons list to help you in your decision making process. However, when an essay writing service operates like Homework Help USA, there are not enough pros to make even a short list. Read up on some cons, though.


  1. Prices are obscenely high (a 1-page high school book report could cost you $96!)
  2. A nonfunctioning contact email on the site
  3. Chatbot agents at least part of the time (meaning it’s hard to talk to a person)
  4. Telephone agents are foreign
  5. Chatbot is set up using foreign wording (making one wonder where this company is really from)
  6. Sky-high add-on fees such as $35 to pick a “top writer” and $40 to request a writer you’ve used before
  7. Zero online reviews, despite claiming they’ve been in business for 11 years

We could go on, but why? By now you see that Homework Help USA is not in line with the competition whatsoever. In any scenario where a 1-page high school paper could cost you almost $100, the stakes have changed to the point where it’s not a fair playing field anymore.

We always suggest you take our opinions with a grain of salt, making the choice that is best for you. However, over 90% of what we put in the reviews is fact, taking screen grabs directly from an essay service’s website and chat. It’s hard to argue factual information. This company charges way, way more than anyone we’ve ever seen. That alone is enough to make most high school and college kids stop and think before making a purchase.

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