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  • Foreign company (India)
  • Ridiculous prices
  • Difficult ordering process

Help in Homework Review

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Who is Help in Homework?

Help in Homework is located in India. Do you know what the first language is in India? It’s Hindi, not English.

Help in Homework is located in India.
The chat agent tries to pass the company’s location off as being in the US and India, instead of just India, which is the case.

How Much is a Paper?

The process of getting a quote, and then ordering, is not made easy with Help in Homework. Look at the images below to see the weird formatting.

Get this!!!! The confusing, long process of getting an initial quote, produced a price of $19 for a 1-page paper due in 2 days. But, and hang onto your hat for this one, a chat agent gave us a MUCH, MUCH higher price! Read on!

You need to provide an email and make an account just to get a price.
Strange formatting at Help in Homework.
This is NOT how the forms would look if this was an American-based company.

As you can see, it’s a really odd system they’ve got at Help in Homework. How about in the middle image where they ask if you’d like a quote based on the number of hours you think it will take the writer? What?? How do we know how long it will take a writer?

$50 for a ono-page book report????

Online Reviews:

There are mostly positive reviews online for Help in Homework. We found 120 reviews on Trustpilot and 43 reviews on Sitejabber. We are always skeptical when there are NO negative reviews for a company. It’s hard to imagine every single customer is a happy one, you know? We recommend reading this entire review, along with any other ones you can find, then combining that information with whatever else you can come up with, before making your decision. reviews for Help in Homework. reviews for Help in Homework.

One great way to decide if an essay writing service is for you, is to reach out and speak to someone personally. For example, you can talk to a chat agent or email Admin and ask questions. See if you feel “heard” and if the person genuinely wants to help you feel at ease, or just wants to close the deal.

Pros & Cons:




  1. Located in India (first language there is Hindi)
  2. Ridiculous prices (highest we’ve ever seen)
  3. Difficult, confusing ordering process
  4. Slow to load web pages (annoying!!)

Our Verdict:

When an essay writing service charges $50 a page for a simple book report due in 2 days, something is very wrong. We could say more, but come on!

They’re located in India, so they’ll be using foreign writers for sure. The web pages are slow to load, taking up a lot of extra time. You need to give a lot of personal information just to chat or get a quote, and quotes are way higher when you speak to a chat agent than they are on the order form.

There are too many red flags here. Way, way too many.

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