Grade Hacker

Well over $50 per page








  • Informative blog
  • Wide range of services
  • Easy to navigate website


  • Ridiculous prices
  • Too many pop-ups
  • Annoying ordering process

Grade Hacker Review

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Who is Grade Hacker?

For starters, Grade hacker is a company that LOVES their pop-ups! Sheesh! You can’t comfortably navigate the site without constant ads, offers, and alerts. It gets old, and fast! pop-ups
Grade Hacker loves their pop-ups!

Rather than an “About Us” section, Grade Hacker has a “Who We Are” section. But when you click on it, it still doesn’t really shed any light on who they are, why they started the service, or anything specific.

Who we are section
Taken from the “Who We Are” section at Grade Hacker

They offer class bundles, essays, and degree accelerator (whatever that is…).

How Much is a Paper?

This is almost more frustrating than the pop-ups! Getting a price is crazy-hard! You have to fill out a tedious 17-question form, which we have NEVER seen before with any other essay service! It’s not an option to skip the inane questions, either. If you want even a rough estimate, you’re going to answer dumb questions that (brace yourself) include the absurd, “Which came first the chicken or the egg?” This alone is reason to skip Grade Hacker!

You can’t pick a 2-day deadline. You have to pick 3 days. So, does that mean you can’t get a paper in 2 days at all with Grade Hacker?

As for price, it’s $52-$58 for a paper due in 3 days. Are you kidding us, Grade Hacker??

Price comparisons
These prices at Grade Hacker are insulting.

Online Reviews:

Grade Hacker has zero online reviews! Don’t you find that odd? How are we supposed to trust them when not a single person is a verified customer? We checked Sitejabber and Trustpilot, two major review sites, and found nothing! Very suspicious! review page has no reviews for Grade Hacker. review page has no reviews for Grade Hacker.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Their blog is informative
  2. They offer a wide range of service
  3. Their website is easy to navigate


  1. Ridiculous prices
  2. Too many pop-ups
  3. Annoying ordering process

Final Thoughts:

At this point, whether they’re foreign or in the states is irrelevant. Between the constant pop-ups, the wildly annoying steps to get a basic quote, the sky-high prices, and the fact that they have no reviews, who would possibly want to be the guinea pig and try Grade Hacker first (since no one else seems to have gone before you!)??

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