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$24-$39 per page with 2 days' notice








  • Chat agents to help
  • New customer discount


  • Foreign company (Cyprus)
  • High prices
  • Pay more for "better" writers

Grab My Essay Review

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Who is Grab My Essay?

How Much is a Paper?

Well, it all depends. They give you a 15% discount if you’re a new customer. So, remember, you won’t normally get that rate. It’s just the one time. Then, depending on if you want a “best available” or a “premium” or a “top 10” writer, that will cost you up to 40% more!

If you want an originality report, an urgent project completed, a draft, or other “add-on” service, then the price goes up again.

What this all means is that if you got a second paper there (not using the new customer discount) and you picked a top writer, you would be paying $38.57 per page!

Online Reviews:

We found that Grab My Essay pays for reviews, at least on Sitejabber. They have a lot of reviews for an essay writing service, so we were excited to see that, until we realized they offer promotions, discounts, and other incentives for people to leave reviews. If they do that on Sitejabber, it certainly makes us wonder if they do it everywhere else too. reviews for Grab My Essay reviews report suspicious activity on the part of Grab My Essay.

Sitejabber has a warning that shows that Grab My Essay offers discounts, coupons, or other compensation in exchange for reviews. This is exactly what we DON’T want to see, guys. We hope, as potential customers of any company, to find real reviews posted by people who have used the product or service we’re inquiring about. It’s funny that despite paying for reviews, the score on Sitejabber is only 3/5 stars.

Annoying Live Chat:

Why should we have to provide our name and email to ask a simple question or two on live chat? This makes a person wonder if they’re email is going to be abused, sold, or otherwise harrassed as a result of providing this information.

You need to provide a name and email just to chat with an agent at Grab My Essay.

When we provided a name and email, we got a chat agent named “Jed.” If we had a dime for every time a chat agent said his name was “Jed,” we probably wouldn’t be taking our time up with freelance writing. Just sayin. *The reason so many chat agents are named Jed is that many, many online essay writing services operate under just a few umbrellas. So it’s really just one outfit that goes by dozens of different business names.

Chat agent says the company is located in Cyprus.

Jed readily admitted the company is in Cyprus, which was refreshing. Usually they lie about their whereabouts. With a company located out of the country, just beware that you’re going to get a foreign writer. You need to know that going into it.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Chat agent to help you with questions
  2. New customer discount


  1. Foreign company (located in Cyprus)
  2. High prices
  3. You need to provide personal info just to ask questions on live chat
  4. You’ll pay more (up to 40%) for their best writers

Final Thoughts:

The company is in Cyprus. The chate agents told us so. That means they employ foreign writers. For that reason alone we cannot recommend Grab My Essay.

On top of that, they pay for reviews (according to Sitejabber), you need to provide personal information just to talk to a chat agent, and their prices are high. You have to pay a lot more (25%-40% more) for their best writers. If you pay that, who knows whether or not you’ll even get a better writer for your buck.

There are reasons to steer clear of these guys. But talk to them yourself. See what you think, and then ngo with your gut!

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