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  • Decent website
  • Been in business since 2013
  • Prices are reasonable


  • Foreign essay service
  • Operates under multiple different names
  • Misleading prices (advertise much lower than actual)

Fresh Essays Review

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Who is Fresh Essays?

This is a tricky question because, well, for one thing, Fresh Essays and Write My Essays are the same company. Misleading, right? We agree! This means if you have a bad experience with Fresh Essays and vow to never use them again, you could unknowingly get them again as Write My Essays or some other name. We can’t be sure how many aliases they’re using.

All you need to see for proof is at when you go to “Contact” at the top of the page. You’ll see the address as Fresh Essays. Confusing? Yes! Deceptive? You bet!

Otherwise, we can’t tell you much about who is running the show. We can say that although Fresh Essays tries to pass themselves off as an American company (located in Philadelphia), Write My Essays’ domain is registered in Cyprus. So, yeah, if this is the case then you’re definitely getting a foreign writer when you buy a paper from Fresh Essays.

How Much is a Paper?

Papers are priced by page, which is typical. However, the part that is a head-scratcher, is that they separate the categories of “College” and “University.” Why? Well, we’ve noticed that with foreign writing services, they have a lack of understanding of the English language and the American academic system.

There is a $6 per page difference between “College” and “University.” That is uncalled for! Then, naturally (well, naturally for foreign essay services, they separate prices yet again for “levels” of writers, trying to get you to pay a lot more for supposedly better writers.

pricing information
A “Top” writer is $31.60 per page at the “College” level.
pricing information
A “Basic” writer is $20 per page at the “College” level.

As you can see in the images above, prices vary quite a bit at Fresh Essays. The above numbers are for “College” papers. If you picked “University” you would be paying a lot more.

Online Reviews:

We checked on and for reviews for Fresh Essays. What we found, is that Trustpilot bans the service from getting reviews on their site. They sometimes do this with essay writing services. Sitejabber has 199 reviews. Some of them (about a quarter of them) are pretty bad, though.

You can check them out for yourself, but people have some pretty scathing things to say about these guys. Lots of folks saying the work is copied and pasted, that they failed, and that deadlines were missed. That said, there are plenty of good reviews, too.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Decent website
  2. Established in 2013
  3. Reasonable prices


  1. Foreign
  2. Operates under multiple business names (misleading and confusing to customers)
  3. Lure customers in with belief in super-low prices, but real prices are considerably higher

Final Thoughts:

While the prices are reasonable, and the website is in good shape (no obvious grammar and syntax errors, we’re hesitant to recommend a foreign essay service that is operating under multiple names.

There are good reviews, and about 25% poor ones, and the company is established. If you want to give them a try, we recommend starting with a 1-page paper and see what you get back.

As always, when an essay service disguises its location, and/or pretends to be US-based but isn’t, that is always kind of slimy in our humble opinions. But, it’s your money, your decision. Good luck, and stay cool!

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