Essays SOS

$25 per page








  • Reasonable pricing
  • Plenty of services offered


  • Foreign company
  • Their writing reads like someone who doesn't know the English language
  • No online reviews is suspicious

Essays SOS Review

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Who is Essays SOS?

The company claims to be in the US and UK, like so many others of their kind. Look at the chat below. This is the answer when I asked “Where are you located?” Chat agent says they are in the US and UK, but that’s not what we found.

We’ll get to more on this part later, but the wording in the site content is nuts! It’s so far removed from how Americans speak that it’s laughable. However, for now, look below to see what the results of a quick IP address search reveals.

The company is in India, not the US or UK like they claim.

The registrant (owner of the company most likely) is Sajith KV from India! One wouldn’t have to search the IP address to figure out that this essay writing service is not a native English speaking company. It’s written (literally) all over their website!

We’ll include a few snippets below, but if you spend 5 minutes on their website you’ll see the same thing we’re seeing. These guys do NOT have a firm grasp on how Americans and Canadians speak.

Illegible text throughout website.

Essays SOS is hands-down the worst spelling and writing we’ve seen on a website in our time reviewing online essay writing services.

How Much is a Paper?

Interestingly, the site does not allow you to put “high school” in your prompt criteria. Normally, that would be slightly cheaper than college. That isn’t an option. So even though we wanted the price for a high school admissions paper, we had to mark “college” on the form. Here is the price.

Essays SOS is about $25 per page.

The $25 per page price is not outrageous. The problem is, the company appears to be in India where the cost of living is ridiculously lower than the US and Canada. That’s why a lot of these foreign companies offer low prices. They need less to live on than we do. However, Essays SOS seems to be charging American prices on papers from India.

What Kind of Reviews Does Essays SOS Get?

Sitejabber shows no reviews for Essays SOS.
Trustpilot shows only one review for Essays SOS.

There simply are not enough online reviews for us to gauge the level of legitimacy regarding Essays SOS. However, we have found enough other information to make a fair assessment. We’ll list our verdict in the Final Thoughts at the bottom of the page.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Reasonable prices
  2. Offer plenty of services


  1. Foreign company who is dishonest about their whereabouts (seems likely they’re in India)
  2. Horrible web content as far as syntax, spelling, typos, grammar mistakes, etc.
  3. No online reviews is usually a red flag

Final Thoughts:

These guys have one online review and it’s not great. They are in India, but don’t want you to know that! Their spelling and grammar are cray-cray. Their web content does not read like you or I would speak…at all! There are so many red flags here that we cannot recommend this company for your next paper.

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