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  • Foreign company
  • High prices ($33 per page)
  • Poorly written web content

Essay Writing Land Review

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Who is Essay Writing Land?

You can check out the “About Us” section on Essay Writing World’s site. In short, though, they’re in India, but claim to be a “US-registered” company. Misleading customers right off the bat is never a good sign.

From the “About Us” section of Essay Writing World.

But, where are they located? Well, they claim to be a US-registered company.

Not so fast, Essay Writing World! We see you!! You’re in India!

All you need to do is read through their site to see that they don’t look like native English speakers. We aren’t going to give a bunch of examples so that Essay Writing World can rush out and fix them. However, we’ll show you one to prove our point.

Poorly written web content

Notice in the image above, taken from the Essay Writing World site, the poorly-written content. “I love making research.” Come on! “…the best one I ever…” It should be “I’ve” not “I” in this case. Trust us, there are so many examples of cruddy English all over the site. It would monopolize this post if we pointed them all out.

Bottom line: The writing on this site is NOT from a native English speaking writer.

How Much is a Paper?

It looks like prices start at $33 per page with 2 days’ notice. To advance in the ordering process, you need to provide a whole lot of personal information, so we skipped that part. Now, if you have a tougher project (more research, more sources, etc.) and/or depending on whatever “upgrades” the company has, you could spend more. But the starting price is about $33.00, which is certainly higher than most essay services.

Price per page at Essay Writing Land.

Online Reviews:

There are very reviews online (that we could find, anyway) for Essay Writing Land. There are none on Sitejabber, and only 17 on Trustpilot.

You can take what you want from that, but it usually means the company has no business. has a few reviews for Essay Writing World. shows no reviews for Essay Writing World.

Pros & Cons:




  1. Foreign company
  2. High prices (at least $33 per page with 2 days’ notice)
  3. Poorly-written web content (likely means poorly-written papers)

Final Thoughts:

We genuinely want to report a great essay writing service to you. We want to be able to give you a handful (at least) of choices when it comes to great paper writing companies. However, it was another swing and a miss with Essay Writing World.

You may have thought the same thing we did, that even the name of this essay writing service is “off” somehow. An American or Canadian probably wouldn’t have named it Essay Writing World.

The prices are high, the ordering process confusing, and it’s a foreign company. There are other things, but face it, this is a good enough place to end the post. It’s not a top choice for an essay writing service. We’ll keep trying, though, so stay tuned!

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