Essay USA

$20.70 per page 2 days notice








  • Reasonable rates
  • Decent website


  • Rude customer service
  • Forced to provide email to ask chat agent a question
  • Possibly foreign

Essay USA Review

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Who is Essay USA (and are they really from the US)?

The company says they’re in California. We tried to ask a chat agent, Elliot, for more clarification, but he was incredibly rude. Normally, chat agents are friendly, even the ones who don’t know much and are unhelpful. On a basic level, they are pretty nice. Not the case with Elliot, I’m afraid. He didn’t seem to want to help at all. At one point he even said, “Looks like you solved the problem yourself.”

We don’t really have any way to prove whether Essays USA is in the states. All we can tell you is that the prices are a little low for US writers. Let’s consider some other data before deciding if we can recommend these guys.

How Much Per Page?

If you can provide 2 days’ notice, you can get a paper starting around $21 per page. Now, as with any essay writing service, depending on what all you need, that price will adjust somewhat. pricing

This is a reasonable price for a paper. It’s worth it to pay even a little more if you know the quality is there to back it up. Let’s look at some online reviews to see what people have to say about the level of service Essay USA provides.

Online Reviews:

There are not many online reviews for to choose from. What we found was a combined 41 reviews between Trustpilot and Sitejabber. That is more than many essay writing services, so we don’t hold that against them. Still, it would bring up their score on our site to see a few dozen more reviews over the next six months.

The reviews are mixed, most of them being good and a few calling Essay USA a scam. In a case like this, where there are so few reviews, we just suggest you proceed with caution. Do some homework for yourself on Essay USA. For example, look for other reviews, talk to an Admin Assistant to get some basic questions answered, and ask for some samples before ordering a paper. shows 36 reviews for Essay USA.
Negative review of Essay USA on Trustpilot. lists 5 reviews for Essay USA.

This is a really small amount of reviews for a legitimate company who claims to be around so long. Our guess is they simply don’t have many customers to give reviews. Even if people hated them, they’d be quick to go online and say so.

Something We Dislike About Essay USA:

You cannot choose your writer. Why not? Shouldn’t that be a basic right when you’re paying good money for a paper?

At Essay USA you cannot choose your own writer.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Reasonable prices
  2. Offer the regular list of services


  1. Although they claim to be in California, they appear in every way to be a foreign company
  2. You’re forced to provide a name and email address just to access a chat agent
  3. When you do get a chat agent, they are very unfriendly (at least Elliot is–the one we spoke with)

Our Final Thoughts:

In this day and age, when reviews are so critical to the survival of a business, and also when there is such heavy competition, there is absolutely no excuse for rude customer service!

There is not much else to say because, honestly, this is the first rude essay writing service we’ve ever encountered. There are too many other places to get a paper where you will not be treated like a nuisance when you’re trying to ask simple questions. Imagine if you have a complaint about your paper? We can’t see it going well.

But in case you need another reason or two that Essay USA isn’t up to snuff, here you go:

  1. Their social media presence is extremely low (meaning they haven’t been around as long as they claim, or they don’t care enough to build it)
  2. Essay USA makes digs about the very people who might want to utilize their services!
Essay USA seems to get a jab in about customers who speak English but have a hard time handling their academic load.

If you don’t want false promise like the one below, consider going with another essay writing service. There are plenty to pick from that would rate much higher than Essay USA.

No essay writing service worth their salt would promise students an A+. It’s placating and outwardly dishonest, as no one can guarantee that.
Clearly, Essay USA cannot keep such a ridiculous promise of A+ on every paper.

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