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  • Reasonable rates


  • Foreign writers
  • Operating under multiple business names
  • Charges you more for "better" writers

Essay One Day Review

(Also operates under Superb Paper)

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Who is Essay One Day? *Hint, they are also doing business under Superb Paper, a foreign writing service.

Well, for starters, everything about Essay One Day and Superb Paper is exactly the same. Their order form, pricing, and even their chat agents are the exact same!

The first image is “Frank” at Superb Papers. The second image was taken less than 5 minutes later when we visited Essay One Day, getting Frank as our chat agent.

Frank is the chat agent at several different essay review sites, meaning they are all the same outfit.

Obviously Frank works for both companies because both companies are the same outfit!

We can’t say for sure where Essay One Day is located. They say they’re in the UK, but the web content, online reviews suggesting foreign writers, and chat agents who speak in odd phrases, paint another picture. That evidence suggests Essay One Day (and Superb Paper) is located in a country whose first language is not English.

How Much is a Paper?

A college paper with a 2-day deadline is about $25, depending on how advanced your project will be. prices for a 1 page paper due in 2 days

Online Reviews:

Trustpilot banned Essay One Day, just like it did with Superb Paper. But there are some reviews on Sitejabber (albeit only four), giving Essay One Day an average rating of 3/5 stars. reviews for Essay One Day are 50% negative.

As you can see above, fifty percent of Essay One Day’s reviews on Sitejabber are critical.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Reasonable rates


  1. Foreign company (foreign writers for your paper)
  2. Operating under multiple business names such as Superb Paper
  3. Upcharges you for “better” writers

Final Thoughts:

When an essay writing service operates under multiple names, that means if you have a bad experience with them as “X” company, you very well might get them again under the other name. It’s unfair, misleading, and bordering on unethical.

When you buy a paper with Essay One Day (Superb Paper) you will be getting a foreign writer who will not write the way you speak, most likely.

There are north American companies out there that write great papers, have English-speaking customer service agents, and writers who understand your needs.

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