Essay On Time

$32 per page for 2 days' notice








  • Wide array of services
  • Chat feature for questions


  • Foreign company
  • Very few reviews and most are poor
  • Very high "real" prices compared to competition
  • Multiple lies on website homepage

Essay On Time Honest Review

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Where is Essay On Located?

No surprises here, but this is yet another foreign company disguising themselves as American. Look at the chats below. can’t decide where they’re from.

The company is flat-out lying, like so many foreign companies do. They claim to be in the US or UK or Canada (primarily English-speaking countries) to get your business. Then they hand in shotty papers that you fail, plain and simple. They don’t care. They got your money and they’re on to the next sucker. Cyprus is a big location for these companies, which probably translates (no pun intended) to them all being one outfit, just operating under different names to monopolize the industry.

What About Pricing?

This one is sort of comical, actually. Most essay writing services boast bargain basement prices, which are debunked when you begin punching in your project information. This company, however, has such crazy prices for a 2-day deadline! Look!

Prices with 10 days’ notice.
Crazy high price for a one-page paper with 2 days’ notice.

Now this is basic stuff here. If you need multiple sources, a more complex paper, etc. you may as well plan on much, much higher per page. For all we know, they go upwards of $40 per page. Some North American essay writing services are a bit higher than the competition, but not this high! Plus, with the North American companies (which this one is NOT) you get native English-speaking writers with real degrees. Imagine that??

List of Services:

Essay On Time lists the same types of services that every other essay writing company offers. You can get high school book reports up through dissertations. There is nothing much to report here. They claim they can handle any request, but let’s see what the reviews have to say about this service.

Reviews for Essays On Time:

No reviews for Essays On Time on shows a lot of scam accusations in the reviews.

Can You Trust Essay On Time?

In our professional opinion, the short answer is “No.” The company lies about where they’re from. They use strange grammar, conversation in chat, and other key signs that they’re being deceptive and also that they’re not native English speakers. Look at a couple of examples below.

No plurals on Essay On Time as an example of strange wording throughout

Would you have worded it like that? Now they may go and fix it, but wouldn’t you have made the various types of writers plural? For example, “Your paper is completed by a team of experienced researchers, writers, and proofreader.” This seems small, but it is something the trained eye goes right for, in an effort to identify foreign writers.

Company admits they are out of the country here, but look below.
US based company is a completely false claim!

I took the liberty of crossing out the “US-Based Company” claim. How can they, in good conscience, have both of those things listed on the same website? Located in Cyprus in the “Contact Us” section, but on another page within the site, they claim to be based in America. Again, these are breadcrumbs that lead to Destination: Land of the Untruths.

Bottom Line:

Essay On Time is just another example of a non-native English speaking company that tries to hide under a North American mask. They are not located in the US, and they tell you that on their website! But when you ask a chat agent, or possibly click on a different web page, they claim to be in the US. Also, when you have a foreign company it goes without saying that they will employ non-native English-speaking writers to complete your paper.

These guys are from Cyprus. They use pushy, deceptive chat agents that carefully weigh out their answers to your questions. Easy questions, by the way, like “Where are you from?” and “Are your writers native English speakers?” Lies upon lies with Essay On Time. I normally try to be as objective as possible, but when a company is going to lie this badly, it’s hard to keep a level head. I cannot recommend Essay on Time to any of you. Keep looking!

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