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  • Foreign essay service (Kenya)
  • Operates under multiple names
  • Very high prices

Essay Jabber Review

*Essay Jabber and Pioneer Essays seem to be the same company

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Who is Essay Jabber?

Essay Jabber appears to be operating under the same umbrella as Pioneer Essays. Both services pretend to be in the states, but are actually in Kenya. They use foreign writers and post fake reviews.

Check out our comments on the chat feature to see that Essay Jabber and Pioneer Essays are the same company.

On the “Contact Us” page, Essay Jabber lists California as their mailing address.

Essay Jabber lists California as their address.

Other than that, it’s very hard to establish exactly who Essay Jabber is, based on their web information. There is no “About Us” section. You’ll see in the review section below, that the online reviews don’t provide much help either.

How Much is a Paper?

The short answer is over $33 per page for the most basic college essay due in two days.

The cost of a 1-page essay due in 2 days is $33.00 at Essay Jabber.

Notice how they call native writers “Premium Writer.” It doesn’t mean they’re any better than a basic writer, only that their first language is English. And, who can prove that to be true?? Thirty-three dollars per page for the most basic book report with one source is kind of nuts.

An Interesting Note About the Chat Feature at Essay Jabber:

Look at the chat agent: Awesome Jake, at Essay Jabber.

Awesome Jake gets around because he apparently works for Essay Jabber and Pioneer Essays.

Now look at the chat agent at Pioneer Essays:

This is taken from Pioneer Essays ( meaning Pioneer Essays and Essay jabber are the same company.

Pioneer Essays ( is an essay service based in Kenya. If “Awesome Jake” works for both, then wouldn’t it stand to reason that the two are the same company? What burns us up, is that these essay services try to pull a fast one on innocent customers.

Suppose you get a poorly-written essay from one essay service. Then, you try another essay service and unknowingly get the same one again who is operating under a different name! That is really unfair, isn’t it?

Online Reviews:

We checked Trustpilot and Sitejabber to find some online reviews on Essay Jabber. We were hoping to gain some insight into the company through customer reviews. Unfortunately, all we found were a small amount of reviews that, honestly, appear to be fake. They might not be, of course, but they seem contrived. reviews for Essay Jabber reviews for Essay Jabber

Be careful when looking at online reviews that only show stellar reviews for a company. This is especially true when there are very few reviews. Also, when there are a lot of red flags about a company, but then you see they have all glowing reviews, just exercise good judgment.

Pros & Cons:




  1. Foreign essay writing service (Kenya) pretending to be in California
  2. This essay service operates under at least two different names (this one and Pioneer Essays) but probably more
  3. Very expensive ($33 per page with 2 days’ notice)

Final Thoughts:

What is it with these online essay writing services that operate under a bunch of different names? It’s so misleading. It’s so annoying. Most of all, it’s unfair, and calls into question every service we use online. What’s true anymore in this world of fake reviews, multiple operating names, and blatant lies?

Find a US-based essay writing service. At least find a service that doesn’t lie. That right there would be a considerable step above Essay Jabber (aka. Pioneer Essays).

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