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$379 for a basic book report








  • Wide array of services
  • Packages to pick from


  • Outrageously high prices
  • Confusing website
  • No chat agent would pick up

Essay Edge Review

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Who is Essay Edge?

There is no “Contact” page on Essay Edge. Therefore, we can’t see where they’re claiming to be located. What we did find, is a page showcasing their “dream team” of editors. Notice that they’re all Ivy League graduates.

Many of the editors have supposedly been with Essay Edge for over 16 years. If the company has really been around for 25 years, as the site says, then where are the reviews? There should be thousands at this point, rather than a few dozen.

How Much is a Paper?

We are nothing less than shocked at the prices on Essay Edge’s website! 0-600 words is $379! Are you kidding??

Essay Edge’s prices are out of this world!

What can even be said about this? These are the most outrageous prices we’ve ever seen while conducting reviews! How is it possible that they are asking $379 for a short book report??

Online Reviews:

We found a handful of reviews online. You can check them out if you’d like to learn more about what people have to say regarding Essay Edge. Beware: some of the reviews look really fake. It’s rare to see all great reviews about a company (any company) because it’s hard to believe that not a single person had a complaint. Like, they’re that good? Really? reviews for Essay Edge reviews for Essay Edge

We couldn’t get a chat agent to answer us on any question. They simply did not join the chat during the entire time we spent on the site!

Pros & Cons:


  1. Wide array of services
  2. Packages to pick from


  1. Outrageous prices ($379 for a simple book report)
  2. No chat agent would respond to us after a long while on the site
  3. Confusing website

Final Thoughts:

This was just a really strange essay writing service to review. The website is confusing. They offer packages, but when we went to get a basic book report, our quote was sky high (almost $400!). We couldn’t get a chat agent to connect, even after a long while on the site.

Their claims that every single writer (editor) is from an Ivy League school are super hard to believe. Also, they claim to have been around for 25 years, but we found less than 100 online reviews.

Based on the outrageous prices alone, we cannot recommend this essay writing service. But even with that put aside, there are a lot of strikes against Essay Edge, such as the absence of a chat agent after multiple tries and the outlandish claims.

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