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$36-$40 per page with 2 days' notice








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  • Foreign (Cyprus)
  • Expensive
  • Lack of understanding of English

Emergency Essay Review

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emergencyessay.com homepage

Who is Emergency Essay?

Emergency Essay has an “About Us” section. You can read it below…

Taken from the “About Us” section at Emergency Essay.

The company is in Cyprus, so they are run by, and also utilizes, foreigners. Basically, English ain’t their first language. Know what we mean?

How Much is a Paper?

Emergency Essay has a price sheet, which you can check out below.

Notice the price for a “Top” writer at Emergency Essay, compared with the image below for an “Advanced” writer.
For a mid-grade writer (Advanced) you will pay 55% more than for a “Best Available.”

It’s a joke because you’ll actually pay MORE for a mid-grade (Advanced) writer at Emergency Essay than for their best writer (Top). That makes no sense at all. It looks like it’s about $36-$40 per page for a decent (or what they define as decent) writer at Emergency Essay…that is, with 2 days’ notice.

Online Reviews:

We only found 3 reviews on Sitejabber, and they were all dated 2015. This makes us believe the site isn’t active anymore. Trustpilot shows zero reviews. All in all, this is very suspicious.

Again, we’re only reviewing these guys because of their name, “Emergency Essay.” It seems like it’s something a lot of you could type in on a Google search when you’re in a bind. We wanted to provide you with a fair review in case this essay service turns up in one of your searches and you’re desperate for a paper.

Pros & Cons:




  1. Foreign (Cyprus)
  2. Expensive! And you’ll pay more for mid-grade writer than for their “Top” writers????
  3. Practically no reviews

Final Thoughts:

It’s never a good thing when we can’t give an essay service any “Pro’s” in our review. So, there’s that. Also, the company is operating out of Cyprus, which is never a good thing when you want an American paper written.

Practically no reviews. Weird (and expensive) pricing system. Why pay more for the mid-grade writer than you do for their best? A real head-scratcher!

We can’t recommend Emergency Essay at this time. We pretty much knew that going into it, but wanted to review them since they have “Emergency” in their name. We know how it is when you’re in a bind, but these guys aren’t gonna get you out of it. Sorry!

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